Eng. Project #2 Draft #1

World changes with the passage of time. No one knows when  things around would be changed to another with the unfamiliar. For instance, there is a store was hot selling, but it closured the next day when you went to there again. Perhaps this is not a big deal for you, but if you just paid a little attention to it for a few minutes, you will realize there are many small phenomenon you could realize in much detail ways.

City Tech (New York City College of Technology) is one of the CUNY college with 4 years program of bachelor degrees. City Tech was founded in 1946 as The New York State Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences. The urgent mission at the time was to provide training to GIs returning from the Second World War and to provide New York with the technically proficient workforce it would need to thrive in the emerging post-war economy. No one in 1946 could have predicted the transformation the College has experienced. Along with the changes of City Tech, vicinity changed likewise. Buildings around are various different and unique. They have different colors like light brown, light green, yellow, etc. The walls carving are beautiful, a section of the lines are very delicate carved out, manual skills seem really high. There are many food selling stores, food trolley, resting place, and clothing stores near by City Tech. One of the best cloth shopping store is Macy. It takes about 15 mins to get there by walk from City Tech. In order to get to Macy, you have to get out from the exit on the ground floor of the Namm Building. Once you are outside, turn right on Jay Street and start walking. On the way you walked, you’ll pass many bike parking lot also the car parking lot as well. Then you’ll pass a resting area where a lot of people will sitting and eating their lunch and there would be two or three trolleys selling the Mexican food. You will pass the Jay Street Metro Tech subway after that, the next minute you saw the signpost mentioned you are on the cross area of Jay St and Willoughby St. At that time you should realize you have only one more block to walk straight on the Jay St. The next block is Fulton St, turn left  when you get on the Fulton St. This street is mainly for shopping the clothes, so you can see many Clothing stores. As you keep walking, you will see a McDonald, Macy is next to this McDonald so after you pass the McDonald you are there.

Macy’s outlooking is laconic and plain. The logo design is composite of a red star with black words “macy”. There are two doors, and the logo is on between those two doors and up above little a bit on the wall. Both doors and windows are made of the same materials of glass and the frames are made by irons. Each window has a dark blue shed with two irons bracing on it. A bus stop for B25, B26, B38, B52 buses is in the front of Macy, an American flag is on the left side next to it. Usually there are many people sitting and standing at the bus stop waiting for the buses. The more buses on stop at the stop, the more people will be there for waiting. There are also many trees beside the street, each one are squared by the flower bed. Orange flowers are facing up blooming, few leaves turn into light brown became wither because of the cool weather. It reveals to us autumn passes, winter is upcoming.


Macy is established in 1858. In addition to shoes and clothing, Macy has a wide variety of housewares, gifts and furniture. This Macy has 6 floors, plus a basement. They sell furniture, mattresses, and rugs in the basement. On the first floor, they sell both women’s and men’s apparel, cosmetics and fragrances, fashion jewelry and watches, handbags, collections, dress furnishings, sportswear, vision express, and watch repair. From second floor through fourth floors are all selling for women’s, coats and swim, dresses and suits, fashion accessories, intimate apparel, shoes, petites, better sportswear, missy sportswear, juniors/ m style lab, and maternity supplies. On the six floors they have customer service, executive offices, foot doctor, hair salon, and human resources. Men’s restroom is on the fifth floor and Women’s restroom is on the third floor. You can get all these information on the board stands next to the stair elevator, also on the wall inside the regular elevator as well. Hope you will have a good time for shopping in this Macy. Explore more with your own eyes, and having fun.

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