3 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 2”

  1. I like these, but for me the Stables also looks Ambiguous to me because my eyes are moving back and forth allover, maybe because of all the different shapes, a Stable should have you looking at one shape.

  2. Your use of these objects in the ambiguous images is effectively complex. Because each figure is so radically distinct from one another, it makes it hard to fix your gaze on any single one. It might solidify the ambiguity of each image even more to have your figures close off shapes by having some of them touch the frame. For your stable compositions, I sort of agree with Jay, but I think that it’s because your figures aren’t connected into one cohesive piece of positive space, especially because you chose to place them in the center. If you decide to connect them to remedy this, you should also avoid making any additional shapes out of negative space since the long, slender figure can easily bridge gaps between your other figures.

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