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Genre Leadership :Receipt *revised*

Type of Genre: Receipt

Topic: Leadership & Activism


Leadership Supply & Co.

351 Jay St.

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Date/Time: 8/26/18 8:07:36 AM

Item Count: 13


  1. Innovation                                $0.00
  2. Momentum                               $0.00
  3. Persistence                              $0.00
  4. Bravery                                    $0.00
  5. Ambition                                $0.00
  6. Organization                        $0.00
  7. Communication Skills      $0.00
  8. Delegation                               $0.00
  9. Empowerment                      $0.00
  10. Optimism                                  $0.00
  11. Honesty                                   $0.00
  12. Commitment                         $0.00
  13. Accountability                      $0.00


Subtotal:                                  $0.00

Thank you for Shopping With Us!

See you Soon!

“At Leadership Supply & Co Leadership is Priceless

Leadership Doesn’t Cost a Thing”

Genre: Leadership -Trip Advisor Entry


Be apart of many organizations and provide valuable substance and involvement for example a non for profit organization. Meet many like minded individuals who may share the same beliefs or interests as you. At times frustration may come along the way or a bit of confusion may tackle your brain but it is manageable. Be prepared to talk to many different types of people coming from many different walks of life and learn as much as you can about them. You will be in many situations that you have never experience which will force you to learn and grow as you go on . Go to many conferences and meet many influential people, receive some awards or recognition for the wonderful work you’ve done throughout your leadership journey.

What to Expect:

After joining an organization that focuses on leadership. Be prepared to hosts events, reach out to like minded people like you. Read a lot of books about people you may perceive as influential to you. Go above and beyond in anything you do and be visionary in everything you do within that organization. Develop a purpose or a motive for being apart of an organization.  Practice self reflection and see how you can improve yourself for others. Working with others is very important skill that you will be utilizing while being involved in a leadership organization.

Important Information:

-Sign Up is usually at the beginning of the semester, be on the look out for club fair to gain more information as to what leadership organizations you would like to join.

-Leadership Organizations usually are in effect all semester long besides summer term


Additional Info

Be prepared for a life changing experience and get ready to make a change and meet amazing people.

Cancellation Policy:

It is okay if you decide not to be apart of an organization due to personal reasons but always know your help was and is always appreciated and noticed.

Reviews :

“*” Represent the Stars

Cathy: Amazing experience. I would do it again if I could *****

Allice: Very stressful do it if you actually care for others and you have a purpose ***

Candice: Great resume builder!!*****



1 onion

1 box of penne

10 turkey meatballs

2 cups – organic mixed peas

1 cup of vanilla unsweetened almond milk

1tbsp dijon mustard

1 stock of celery

1 jar of Alfredo sauce

3 cloves of garlic

1tbsp of hot sauce

1 tbsp of blended parsley, cilantro, green bell pepper, scallion

1tsp of turmeric

1 tsp of ginger

1 tbsp of organic no salt seasoning

1 tbsp of avocado oil

4 cups of water

3 tbsp of Parmesan cheese

1 tbsp of oregano


  1. turn fire under heat under pan to medium heat
  2. cut up meatballs into 4 pieces each
  3. pour 1 tbsp of avocado oil
  4. dice 1 onion pour into pan (stir)
  5. pour mixed peas into pan (stir)
  6. pour almond milk
  7. add seasonings & stir
  8. while meatballs are sitting in the pot , boil pasta water (pour into pot) For 10 Mins
  9. Pour Alfredo sauce into skillet and stir
  10. Once pasta is done boiling, strain it
  11. Pour pasta into skillet & mix
  12. add oregano & Parmesan cheese
  13. Notes: Be sure to stir consistently after adding ingredients. You can also add whatever meat or seafood you desire


To my understanding genre is more about a theme or a certain way of something. For instance if someone says their genre is fictional they are most likely to write in a narrative format.

10 Genre’s I encounter everyday



3- philanthropy

4-self care



7-news; NY Times, NY Law Journal,




My two favorite genres would have to be leadership and self development because those are the two things I always seem to gravitate towards. Their audience range from younger and older people who are really into bettering themselves and growing as individuals. I really like the type of language they use because it is very inspiring to me and very thorough. I appreciate language that is extremely analytical that leaves room for thought after reading it.

Navigating Genres Kerry Dirk

An older person may not write as well as I do on social media (facebook) because it was founded in my generation, where social media is very in use. We young people are very accustomed with the social media hash tags and ways to utilize social media like face book.

Some mistakes they might make is probably writing too much for instance on social media captions are usually not that long as well as posts. They probably wouldn’t know how to reply to comments and to use famous hashtags. I also think they would have issues maneuvering the app as well.

When writing I try not to hold any rules in my head, and I try to be as free as possible, because I feel that is when my writing comes out the best. I wouldn’t say there is a particular genre that I struggle to write about it is more figuring out what to write about.

Dirk gives a few examples of tittles in “The Onion” my favorite one was, “Study: Dolphins Not so Intelligent on Land” I found it very funny because Dolphins are known to be extremely smart and the tittle is completely the opposite.


Shitty First Drafts

I usually write about two drafts when writing a paper. The way I always start is writing down ideas that may come to mind or something that I would really like to say in my paper. It helps me a lot because I eventually insert it in my piece of writing. For me it’s a constant battle of wanting to say so many things, but not knowing when and how but after a couple tries and drafts the job usually gets done. I usually write a downdraft because it is the easiest for me, I tend to have a lot to say , so when getting it all out it feels therapeutic. My thoughts are already there so it is just a matter of organizing them. I don’t think that I will have to change the way I write because I tend to just throw ideas onto my paper whether it makes sense or not. When reading “Shitty first Draft” I felt as if I can relate to it a lot because , it really shows the real process of writing not that structured academic intro, body and conclusion process we get taught throughout our younger years in academics. Writing is that thing where you know it’s going to take you somewhere but you do not know where and the reason we may not know where is because writing can take you anywhere and that is the power of our thoughts as humans.

My Fears

I fear failure. I know that it cannot be avoided and it will come often. This fear hat I have cannot be fixed or removed. I will encounter fear once in a while. I realized what cannot be altered doesn’t deserve focus. What needs focus is the faith I have within me, to intertwine reflection and evolution within all the failures I have and will encounter in this life. All situations cannot be avoided in life, but what’s beautiful in life is what I’ve learned from those mistakes to cultivate a narrative of who I am as an individual.

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