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subway dialogue

  1. After 8:30ļ¼Œmy english class end


subway on a A train ļ¼š

sound of train kunch kunch kunch kunch kunch dong dong people are so quie everyone is playing their phone

ding dong ding dong door is closing

noooooo heyyyyy said the kid heyyy heyy sisisisi sound of plastic bag

nooo i dont want to awww said the kid

put it there the women said

this is broadway junction

my brainļ¼›finally

walking along my way to j

sound of elevator people walking running

on J trainļ¼š

people sniffing

stand clear of the closing door please

large bags and containers subject are random search by the police

please be consider it and give up your seat to the elderly

ererererer sound when train are stopping

3/26/19 9:21

Waiting for Jļ¼š

omg 9ļ¼ļ¼ļ¼min so cold ļ¼Œim frizzing sisisisisis

a women is listen to her music and taping her umberlla tap tap tap ….tap tap tap …

brainļ¼šomg so annoying finally she is gone
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My Autobiographyļ¼š As an Illustrator

Yuxin Yang or Lily was an American Illustrator who was born January 30, 1999, in China, Fuzhou and move to US, New York after finishing third grade. I was educated in New York City College of Ā Technology from Fall 2017 to Spring 2019. I was accepted and decided to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Fall 2019 for the Illustration program. Some of the unique qualities I have developed to become a productive artist is to have imagination, creativity and assiduous. I evolved as an artist over the years by practice, accumulate experience, rich imagination and broaden horizons. Art is not only in painting but also in architecture, music, dance, and culture. Travel is a good opportunity to learn from different cultures. So I have at least one international travel a month. I visited France last summer and let me have a deeper understanding of art in Louvre. And I plan to visit different countries and learn about their culture and arts. People, experiences and other sources that continue to inspire me to be creative is to look at different peopleā€™s or students artwork and gain experience from a different professional teacher. I have the skills of usingĀ Adobe CC Software, such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop,Ā  and some basic hand coding skill (HTML, CSS) for web design. MyĀ personal Interests is to do digital drawing,Ā illustrating, watercoloring, during the break I like to traveling, keeping pets, Raising plants.

I have been very fond of drawing since I was a child, but I have never known what I really want to do. There are too many careers related to drawing but I have never been able to find a profession I like to develop. Like everyone, there are changes to the goals that Iā€™m looking for at different stages. When I was in elementary school to junior high school, I only knew that I really like drawing. I didn’t know the profession about painting except for art teachers and artist. So I wanted to be an art teacher or open a painting exhibition. After I was in high school, I’m pretty sure I want to be a designer, but whenever someone asks me what type of designer I want to be, I don’t know how to answer, and I always answered them awkwardly, I haven’t thought about it yet, although I have always thought about this question many times, I think I will study in graphic design major, but I don’t know much about this major and I don’t know if this major is right for me, this problem has been bothering until I went to college. Before going to college, many of my talented friends gave up their design majors. Some even changed their majors after they had studied design because they and their parents felt that designer profession competition was too strong and they couldnā€™t make much money. But I think that compared to a career that I don’t like, I want to turn my favorite things into my profession. I felt like this kind of life are complete, and I won’t regret it. When I was in my second year of college, I had a friend who also studies communication design, she talked about the illustration major with me, after listening to it, I was a little bit interested. After that, I queried more about the illustration online, but this is not enough, and I want to know more about this major and learn it, so I want to transfer to Fashion Institute of Technology and learn more about illustration.

Illstration: A Recipe


Different kindĀ of Drawing tools

  • Drawing papers
  • brushes/Palette/Container
  • pens/pencil/color pencil
  • paints/ink/watercolor
  • tablet
  • computer with a drawing software

And more…

clean drawing table/ Space



imagination/ Creativity

Open minded



Time and Efforts


  1. Get all the supplies you need
  2. Sit in a clean table
  3. Think of a theme of what you want to draw
  4. Ā Do some research about the theme you choose
  5. Make aĀ concept map and putting down some ideas of what you going to draw
  6. Find some reference online that relates to yourĀ theme
  7. Draw as many thumbnailsĀ sketches into your sketchbook as you can and categorizeĀ into different concepts (same theme)
  8. Write down a short descriptionĀ of the idea of each conceptĀ (events, inspiration..etc)
  9. Draw some sketches/draft, andĀ Practice drawing different details related to yourĀ theme
  10. Choose the best drawings from each conceptļ¼ˆthumbnailļ¼‰
  11. Draw out each concept to a bigger paper
  12. Choose one best concept as your final drawing
  13. Using photoshopĀ toĀ modify some details
  14. Finalize your drawing

Ā Ā 


Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life.
1. hand drawing/illustrating
2. Watercolor
3.Ā Literary
4. We Chat
5Ā Comics
6. Anime
7. Google Drive
8.Ā Guinea pigs
9.Chinese tv shows
Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience? What sort of language do they use?
I likeĀ hand drawing/illustrating and watercolor the best because I think drawings can tell more than just words and gives people moreĀ Imagination and creativity. Also, different drawing style and media or theĀ decision of using what type of drawing tools can defineĀ a personā€˜s identity and their genres.Ā  My audience can be my major teachers, classmates, and people who have the chanceĀ to critique the drawings. And people tend to use art words, such as color, Composition, Tone, Texture, Mood, lighting…etc.
What is your understanding of the term ā€œgenreā€?
My understanding of the term “genre” is the style on which people definedĀ themselves, people can have many different genres and become a person’s identity/personality.

When I’m not in school…I realize… I paused for a few moments and did nothing, I noticed…

When I’m not in school, I spend all of my time at home, when I wake up, I realize half of the time passed. I paused for a few moments and did nothing, I noticed, time went fast it’s already noon, I haven’t done anything yet, just staringĀ at space dazing, why there is so many homework? when can I take a break? I’m so hungry, maybe I should take time playing with my two Guinea pigs. What’s next?Ā  What homework should I start with? what course I have for tomorrow? What should I eat for lunch? Dinner?Ā  And tomorrow? what foodsĀ need to buy for next week? The same questions repeat every day. Oh, my brain hurts, I think I should stop thinking.

Movies/Books/TV that Influences me


Train to Busan

Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Type: Action/Convulsion/Disaster

This Movie let me understand the relationship between people. When the zombie virus broke out, peopleā€™s sense of justiceļ¼Œdespair and the dark side brought greatĀ influenceĀ toĀ people around.


Tom and Jerry



Journey to the West

Mickey Mouse

Winnie the Pooh


Lilo & Stitch

Accompany my entire childhood.




One piece


They teach the importance ofĀ  friendship and partnership

My Fear and Cure

My worst fear is communicated with others, I’m very resistant to communicateĀ with the stranger and speak in front of people because I’m afraid I didn’tĀ arrange my sentence well and correctly express my needs or even I didn’tĀ even know what I’m asking for. I like toĀ make friends, but I’m a passive person. Every time I speak, I become nervous, so I think it’s a long and hard process to change my fear.


My cure is enjoyed with my guinea pigsļ¼Œ animeļ¼Œcomic ļ¼Œice creamļ¼Œcrepesļ¼Œ ignore everyĀ anxious.

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