Section E106

You have one reading assignment, one OpenLab post, and two writing assignments for next week, Mon 18.

The Reading Assignment is: Donald Murray: Internal Revision: A Process of Discovery

Here are the questions I want you to be able to answer and discuss next class, Mon 18:

1. How does Murray define writing? What is its purpose?

2. Talk about what Murray means when he uses terms like “discovery” and “ignorance.”

3. What is “product” vs. “process”?

4. What is “internal revision”? What is “external revision?”

5. Explain, in your own words, what Murray means by the following: “content,” “form and structure,” “language.”

Your OpenLab assignment is:

Try to define genre for yourself. (You might want to re-read your essay by Kerry Dirk called “Navigating Genres” and see how she defines it; you might want to look it up…) Now,  answer the following:

Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life.
Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience? What sort of language do they use?
What is your understanding of the term “genre”?  Post this under Unit 2 Assignment 1
Your first writing assignment is:
Finish the Recipe you started in class. Post it to OpenLab under Unit 2 Assignment 2
Your second writing assignment is:
Pick one of the following genres and write in its style and format on the same topic (something you do well/a skill you have/something you spend a lot of time doing) as your recipe:
A TripAdvisor entry of what to do (example here)
A poem that rhymes
A Yelp review (examples here)
A WikiHow entry (example here)
A letter to a friend via snail mail on actual paper
A rap or spoken word piece
Bring your first attempts of the above to share next class. You will post them shortly after.


Hi class. You have two readings for Monday, March 3.

Reading 1 is the Chapter called “Shitty First Drafts” in author Annie Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird. Below is a free pdf of the entire book, and you can click on the appropriate chapter:


After completing Reading 1 please answer the following and post your responses in OpenLab. 1) How many drafts do you typically make of a paper/piece of writing? Do you write a “down draft,” an “up draft,” and a “dental draft” like Lamott says? Were you surprised at her chapter’s title? Do you think you will have to change the way you write a lot if you decide to write a “shitty first draft”?

Your responses for Reading 1 should be posted to OpenLab under the category UNIT 2: Assignment 1.

Reading 2 is an article called “Navigating Genres” by a professor named Kerry Dirk. The link is here: Navigating Genres.

After completing Reading 2, please answer the following in writing. You can write in your notebooks for now, but be ready to post your responses to OpenLab under the same category soon after our next class:

1) This article (though somewhat old) mentions Facebook posts as a kind of genre. Can you briefly describe how comfortable you feel composing a piece of writing in this genre? Do you feel more comfortable than someone much older than you — your Grandmother, for instance? Why do you think this older person might not write as well in Facebook as you do? What are some of the mistakes they might make? 2) Dirk gives a few examples of titles in The Onion (a newspaper that was founded in 1988 at a college, btw). What was your favorite title? 3) On page 258, Dirk describes the rules we carry around in our head before we start writing in a particular genre. What are some of the rules you carry around in your head? Is there a particular genre in which you struggle to write?


For Mon 19: Here is your first formal essay assignment. It has a reading component and a set of notes and lots of information, so please download it here: CUNY 1121 D439 UNIT 1 ASSIGNMENT 2 2019

It would be great if you could familiarize yourself with the assignment and possibly do the reading, which is short, so that I can address any questions next class. Hope you had a good break! I will go over some of your Fear and other posts for grammar, et al, next class.


REMINDER: There is no school on Mon, Feb 18. Also, when you post your “fear” and “cure” writings, could you do so as text? I would like to be able to read them clearly and give notes. Thank you.


Your tasks for next class, Monday (Feb 11) are: 1. Post your “no the,”  “fear” and “cure” writings to OpenLab.* Each one is a separate post. Please choose Category: Assignment 1 Unit 1 when you do so. You may use a photograph for your “no the” writing. 2. Please complete the following reflection, which you can download: CUNY UNIT 1 Main Reflection Spring 2019. 3. Look under READINGS on this website. There, you will find two articles on writing theory that we will be reading in our first UNIT: one is by Laura Carroll and the other is by Nelson Graff. You are assigned both of them. Read them now. Be prepared to discuss them over the next two weeks.

*I know a number of you are having difficulty logging in, posting, et al. If another student can’t help you, please consult with an OpenLab person directly —  You can see my previous post with their Office Hours here.