Author: Amdadul Haque

Response to “Shitty first drafts”

I typically make about 3 drafts because the first two helps me grasp and brainstorm about the topic. Therefore, I try to write everything I can think of in bullet points so that I don’t forget it later on. I happen to write just like Lamott says because I know that the more time I spend on a paper it will come out better in the end so I don’t like to rush it. I was not surprised by her chapter title because I know it is true and it is something that I do so I acknowledge it. The first draft is something that helps me get started to what I want to write about. Most of the time they are shitty but as I’m off to writing the second one it helps me further think of ideas and gives a better start to my draft. I think I don’t have to change the way I write because the way I have been always doing it is most likely another way of saying “shitty first draft”. I actually like this method because it helps me organize and format my writing.

Fear and cure

Fear- My all time fear would be death. Death is something that can occur In no time. Having to lose our loved ones make a tremendous impact on our life as a whole. We tend to give up on things and lose motivation. Our ambitions and goals start to disappear. Life is short, therefore we have to make the best outcome with our loved ones.

Cure- The cure to this would be to stay strong all the time in our life. We have to adapt in critical situations and have the motive to live our life till on. Best thing to do would be show love in every way we can when our loved ones are in present.