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Inquiry/Research on Difficulties that Artists face.

Maria Partsevsky


Prof. Schmerler



Inquiry/Research on Difficulties that Artists face.


Art is everywhere around us. And if you ask people around “Who is the greatest Artist?” probably, everyone would answer – “Nature.” People from the ancient times were interested in painting and drawing, sculpting and crafting. They were trying to preserve in times their emotions, their memories, and significant events. Since the beginning of times, people wanted to express themselves and did it in dancing, music, fine art, and other genres. Now, people do art as their hobbies, stress relief, as a need to express their feelings, to deal with depression, and to make a profit of it.


People who chose Art as their profession stepped on a challenging path. Most likely, almost everyone’s artist’s parents told them not to do that. It is very easy to explain – parents are afraid that their kids will have many difficulties in finding jobs and making a stable amount of money. Plus, the Art market is a very, very competitive place. To be in high demand, artists always must learn new and grow in their knowledge. The technologies are not staying in one place, and we have to keep the pace. That’s why to be a good and demanded artist people need to educate themselves. Most of the art and design schools are extremely expensive and whoever wants to make art as their profession must keep in mind that bachelor and especially master programs require to be able to pay an enormous amount of money, so first thing people must do is to think really hard – is that what they want to do for their life? How they will be paying for their tuition? Is this profession will “feed” them and pay off their bills and student loans?


While I was researching for this topic, I remembered what kind of obstacles and issues I personally faced in my life and what my artist family members have shared with me. We are our own biggest critics. We, artists, are never happy with our work. We always feel that we could do better and our art is not good enough. Enough for what? – I am always asking myself. Or for who? Self-doubt is the Number-One-Enemy, but we learn how to live with such a “neighbor.” The artists have to learn how to not to let anyone tell that what you are creating is not valid. We spent years of practice and education to shape ourselves, to know the value of our knowledge and to know that our art will be remarkable for the future generations, it will leave a mark in the Art history. The success will be always judged by other people, most of the times who are irrelevant, incompetent in that field.


The other problem is what to do with your art? How to present it? How to sell it? How to find your clients? The artists are having difficulties when they are looking for display space, galleries or collectors. To be able to produce and present art in a marketable way can be way too expensive. The galleries, shipping fees, printing copies, etc. – there are many things that will be trying to take their portion, their piece on your work. Artists need to market themselves. And here everything depends on networking and how good your communicational skills and social media usage are. Inability to find a job in the art field pushes many artists to find other work for income and leave art as a hobby.


The one fear that I personally face every single time I try to do anything, either it is related to drawing, painting, writing, cooking, reading or even traveling is – how to start? And here comes the fear of the white paper. I feel my hands are not mine, they are not obeying me, in my mind I know how to do it, I see it is coming, but when I try to start, when I do the first couple of strokes I feel like someone else is doing it and my mind is screaming: “Nooo! Not like this!” I don’t like what I see and I erase it and try over and over again. Without everyday practice, you lose your skills. The same way with languages – if you don’t use them daily – you forget them. But once started artists have to learn how to stop. In pursuit of the ideal masterpiece, we can lose the great work we have done. It will never be ideal. My Master in fine arts college used to say “Don’t make it ‘soapy’, know when to stop, the Best is the enemy of the Good, your painting has to ‘breathe’, has to be fresh and crispy.” He called this technique “Alla Prima”, wet-on-wet. I think it is good advice for life in general. To know when to stop. Whatever you do – make it fresh, crispy. And remember it will never be ideal.


There will be always challenges on your way to your growth. These challenges will shape you as an artist, as a person. You will not face them just once and never meet again. You will be going through them over and over again if you really want to grow and to conquer new heights. And the last but not least advice – grow a very thick shell instead of your skin, it will protect your inner You and your priceless inner Art against rejections, and never give up, keep walking!




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Student Name: Maria Partsevsky

Course and Section Number: 1121 E106

Date: 04/27/19

UNIT 3 WORKSHEET 1 Note: the following are prompts to help you organize your work. Please make your answers clear and easy to read! Take all the space you need to answer the questions.


My general area of study is: Painting your own pottery

  1. After doing some preliminary research, I am able to note below at least one argument / discussion / problem that surrounds my area of study:


The pottery is very fragile and easily chipped; paints are non-microwave save and non-washable from clothes; prices are too high; the selection of pottery is lacking; there are not as much attention and help from staff as desired; takes long time to paint because every layer needs time to dry, takes about a week to glaze and need to come back to pick it up



  1. The people or community of people most affected by this problem are…: the people who wants to paint their own pottery and are looking for a specific shop to do so.



  1. Here are some key terms or phrases particularly associated with this issue. (For example, if your proposal is about hiking, you might use phrases like “manageable distances,” “maps,” “excursions,” “rough terrain,” “backpack,” “dehydration,” “survival in the elements,” “pathfinding,” et al.):

Crackle glaze, glaze, clay, brushes, paints, shivering, crawling, pitting, pinholing, blisters, quality time with kids, make-your-own, art classes, art studios



  1. Here are the sources I have used so far to read about and otherwise learn about this issue. (Wikipedia, CNN, personal interviews, The New York Times, Psychology Todaywhatever the source, please note it. Did you use the key terms you just listed, above, when you conducted your searches? If not, take some time and do so!):



The analysis of the genre (Yelp review)

Maria Partsevsky


Prof. Schmerler



The analysis of the genre (Yelp review)


Who wrote it/the speaker: people who tried this activity and share their experience so that other people will follow their advices or could be aware of what might happen, what to expect.


The audience: people who are looking for activities and how to spend their free time involved art and something for memories made by your hands.


The kind of community that is invested in or impacted by this writing: mostly parents with kids, the reason is to show them something new to do, spend time with them in different environment, plus to introduce kids to a new stage of art activity to become more creative and to feel what it is like to make something with your own hands.


The purpose of this writing: the ability to be in someone’s shoes, to read about pros and cons of this particular activity, to decide where to go better


Some key vocabulary or language terms you might find (if any) that are common in this form of writing: Metaphors; lots of exclamation marks!!!!; CAPITALIZED LETTERS AND WORDS; numbers in usage of prices and time; LOL; smiley faces J


The sorts of ways that people try to write effectively in this genre: they try to write as many reviews as possible to become reliable and trustworthy person, that others would see the marks like “local expert” or “elite” next to the people’s names. People try to organize their reviews into paragraphs for easy reading. They include personal pictures. They write about their feelings and emotions to become closer to a reader.

In and Out. Listening

Creak of train wheels
Squeak of rats on train paths
Screech – train is stopping
Crunch of chips
God, I would just grab it from him, I’m so hungry..
Groan of an old man
yawn of a kid
Hiccup of a baby in a baby stroller
This is Nevins street, transfer is available to the 2 and 3 trains…
Rustle of plastic bags
Next stop is Atlantic Ave Barclays center..
I’m tired… and pissed.. he could easily just text me once during his work day… at least once.. he has been always doing it..
My stop.. getting of.. which exit do I need?

4/5 train, Friday 3pm

It’s expensive restaurant…
It’s usually right…
You buy something and..
This is Bergen St…
Wheels..killing me…
Carol usually just…
This is Coney Island bound F local train…
Stand clear…
My head is killing me… I think when I was smoking I didn’t have migraines that often.. weird.. smoking 12 years and quit because I fell in love..
this is Carol street..
Now I have to go to Ave P instead..
How to open this car… Smith 9th street… why the car locked with keys inside again.. oh god, I remember how I hit my head last time trying to open the car from the trunk… I almost ended up in hospital.. or I thought my head cracked…
These white spots in front of my eyes, doctor said it’s aura of migraine.. f*ck..
This is Coney Island Stillwell ave bound F local train…
wheel screeching..
Next stop is Fort Hamilton Parkway… stay clear…
These white flashes in front of my eyes are torching me…
It’s only Wednesday yet.. can we make it to a doctor today? The appointment is at 4:45… or 3:45?… no, 4… Fort Hamilton..
why it takes soooo looooong…
attention all passengers, we will be moving shortly…
it’s like a razor blade cutting my brain in pieces… would my daughter or son have migraines as well? Poor baby…

April 3rd, 2:30pm, F train

That’s my mom birthday.. Can’t believe she is 50 now! How come? She just turned 38, didn’t she?

This trains are so slow on weekends.. I would rather be in a car in a traffic..

And can you imagine, he just left her, right there! What an as*hole!

3 girls speaking Chinese.. hmmm, it always sounds so rough and unpleasant to hear.. like German..oh I can imagine how I sound for them when we speak Russian…

The next stop is Avenue J… stay clear… interesting, Avenue J because Jews live here?:) haha…

Allochka, I am telling you, just buy this sundress, you won’t regret at all… 2 Soviet-looking ladies straight from 70es discussing loudly something..

Krrrrrrrrrrr……. next station is Newkirk Plaza…

April 6th, 10pm, Q train

Genre: Yelp review. Paint-your-own-pottery

Maria P.

Brooklyn, NY

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**** 10/13/2018

One weekend I wanted to do something interesting with my husband, something that we have never done before. So, I found this place where you can paint different kind of ceramics and potteries in different colors. So, basically you make your own cup, plate or vase unique from others by applying different textures, colors or even some words or little creatures lol:)

I really liked the variety of colors and types of paints that I could use for my masterpiece. The staff has always changed the water, so it would be clean, and I would not mix the colors together. However, and it were the only cons, the ceramics there were all quite the same, so the variety was weak. Well, I chose the cup that appear to be a fat guy with a big beer belly, whom I paint a pink bra and a nice pink thong to :))))

After painting, we put it inside the stove for several hours to make paint attached and glaze to the surface of the cup, and it looked amazing. The colors were so bright that the pink underwear was almost shining in the glance of the sun. We really enjoyed the experience of painting and the cup that forever would stay in our memory and on a kitchen shelve.


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My Shelf (list) of Influences


  • Godfather
  • Forrest Gump
  • Good Will Hunting
  • American History X
  • Groundhog Day
  • Leon: The Professional
  • Finding Nemo
  • Lilo & Stitch
  • V for Vendetta
  • Up
  • Monster’s InCorporation
  • The Bridges of Madison County
  • Little Prince
  • The Pirates of Caribbean
  • The Fifth Element
  • Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Age of Adaline
  • A Man from Earth
  • Disney Cartoons
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • City of God
  • X-Men
  • Her
  • Crash
  • Pretty Woman
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Dirty Dance
  • Ghost
  • Last Night
  • One Day
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin


  • Master and Margarita
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Godfather
  • Hobbit
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Alice in Wonderland

Recipe how to draw or paint

Recipe how to draw or paint.


Basic knowledge of geometry, anatomy, color relations, mixing techniques, proportions, depth, volume, composition, light and shadow, balance, etc


Good quality paper, paints or pencils, brushes


Quiet and well lighted place



Sit down and place in front of you the paper.


If you drawing or painting “from nature/life” then look at the object or subject and try to understand how will you bring it to your paper

Try to feel the forms and proportions

Try to paint or draw according to your own vision and style, if you don’t have one yet, try to develop it, to create it.

Every few minutes squint and stand up and look at your paper from a distance to see the whole picture and search for mistakes or disproportions.

Try not to “over-do” your art piece, know when to stop. There is no perfection.

Give it as a present to your parents or beloved ones and walk around proud as hell that you are such an Artist.



Genres I encounter in my everyday life:

Texting, emailing, personal narrative, journalism, textbook, critique, articles, dictionary, announcements, descriptive writing

I like to read Science Fiction because by reading it you see the reality that doesn’t really exist, but can be possible because it based on science and facts.

If I write, the two most often used genres are texting and personal narrative. I feel free to express myself the way I want, I choose the style, the words and how story will go.

A genre is a category of literature identified by form, content, and style.

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