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Worksheet 1 Inquiry Project


Worksheet 2 Inquiry Project

Genre example- Analysis- My version

Realistic fiction short story:

Kame, Kind. A Falling Leaf. Teenink.com. Teen Ink Magazine. Published November 2, 2018. www.teenink.com/fiction/realistic_fiction/article/1015021/A-Falling-Leaf


  • The things that people may say about the color of nature are capable of taking your breath away because its beauty sometimes and it visually pleasing
  • Somethings that people might disagree say that some colors aren’t that pleasant to the eye
  • The think of it as it expresses the beauty of the season even though see cant experience them anymore
  • The things that the author may argue back is how often do you see a solar eclipse?  How many times have you seen the northern light? Have you seen peacock’s feathers

My version:

I was tired one day so I did what tired people do.  So I laid on my bed and closed my eyes. As my mind wondered  I thought of all the things that I didn’t have. So I decided to start drawing everything that I didn’t have but wanted. The first thing I drew way a mansion, go kart track in the back yard , my own chef ,and even a indoor basketball court. I came to realize that my  drawing where coming to life and so the next thing I knew was that the was  living in this house that I drew. And when I realized what I could so I start drawing even more things money, fast and luxurious cars, clothes, even a helicopter, and my own business. So things were looking good because I living like a billionaire. One day driving to work in one of my amazing cars a truck hits me head on and jump screaming from my bed.

UNIT 2: Genre is over when we return from Spring Break…

Please check your section’s Assignments page for an accounting of what is due in hard copy for UNIT 2 when you return from break. (We discussed this last class.)

I will post about your upcoming research work shortly.

See you at Office Hour tomorrow from 1-2PM and or have a great and safe and healthy Spring Break!

genre 2

Table tennis is a very fun and enjoyable game. Ping-pong is the name actually caught on and we still use it today. When I was in high school I learn table tennis. I was an ESL student. I wasn’t able to speak with other students that I want to learn the game. One day I went to my math teacher and I told him I want to learn table tennis. The next day we went to practice. He teach me how to serve the ball and how to hold the paddle. After that we practice every day after school. Table tennis is a fast game that requires skills to win. One of the skills that every player masters is a perfect spin. Another important thing is how to face spin ball. My opponent try to different type of spins to make me fool. In order face the different type spins I have to hold my paddle different angle. I have to ensure that I have right equipment and high quality. Table tennis has physical and mental benefits to me. It engages my mind and demand quick strategies and decisions to win. It trains my mind to focus and make quick decisions based on your opponent’s actions.


Office Hour is 1-2PM this Thursday, April 18

At the Cafeteria.

Genre 2

Controversy on Work-Life balance.

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Genre Leadership :Receipt *revised*

Type of Genre: Receipt

Topic: Leadership & Activism


Leadership Supply & Co.

351 Jay St.

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Date/Time: 8/26/18 8:07:36 AM

Item Count: 13


  1. Innovation                                $0.00
  2. Momentum                               $0.00
  3. Persistence                              $0.00
  4. Bravery                                    $0.00
  5. Ambition                                $0.00
  6. Organization                        $0.00
  7. Communication Skills      $0.00
  8. Delegation                               $0.00
  9. Empowerment                      $0.00
  10. Optimism                                  $0.00
  11. Honesty                                   $0.00
  12. Commitment                         $0.00
  13. Accountability                      $0.00


Subtotal:                                  $0.00

Thank you for Shopping With Us!

See you Soon!

“At Leadership Supply & Co Leadership is Priceless

Leadership Doesn’t Cost a Thing”

Biography Genre (Soccer)

Soccer is an ancient historical game that still practiced until this day. Soccer is an entertainment game played by more than 240 million people according to the Federation Internationale Football Association (FIFA). It is simply a ball kicked by players, but there are special rules that everyone who plays soccer must abide by these rules. Since soccer has been created, it still evolve its rules over time. It has become more famous than any sport in the world and it is the first game for those who love challenges.

Genre 2 rejection letter

88 Random Road



Hi Jackson,

Thanks for sending us your letter. It was nice to hear from you about joining our team.

As you know I have received your letter we the company Riot are based out here in the United States. We the job application committee have decided to not to accept you, Jackson Zhang into our company. We could not offer you a spot due to the amount of applications that we are receiving, and the limited spots that are open.

Best wishes in your business,

Sincerely, Riot Games



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