Fear & Cure

Jason Morales

CUNY of Technology

English 1121-Section E106

Prof. Schmerler



Assignment #1:                                                                Fear and Cure


When I sit down and think about my greatest fear, I have to admit that the fear of heights comes to mind. I can think as far back as when I was a child that the fear of heights has been in the back of my mind. I can’t stand in front of a window in a high rise tower without the feel of light headiness or scared. I can’t even watch a movie that has a scene of someone looking through a high rise window because I get nervous.


In honestly I don’t know what would be a cure to that fear, but I do remind in search of the cure.

Fear and Cure

Cure to my fear

I can cure my unease via acquiring a grasp in sereneness.  Some peace can give me a merry muse.

Fear and cure

Does my death occur in a slumber? I fret about an unavoidable stare at death. I wish I could be one of those individuals that are ok without the consistent need to know what comes after. Death makes me wonder if after life I’ll be ecstatic or if I will be in a constant wonder about how I could have lived life better. I don’t know but the idea of death fills me with consternation. Death is the fear that consumes me.

The cure would be to live life to fullest, cherish life while it’s still there, and do things that issue satisfaction. Also instead of one’s self consumption of this fear, know how to have the value of life distract other thoughts.

My Fear and Cure

My worst fear is communicated with others, I’m very resistant to communicate with the stranger and speak in front of people because I’m afraid I didn’t arrange my sentence well and correctly express my needs or even I didn’t even know what I’m asking for. I like to make friends, but I’m a passive person. Every time I speak, I become nervous, so I think it’s a long and hard process to change my fear.


My cure is enjoyed with my guinea pigs, anime,comic ,ice cream,crepes, ignore every anxious.

Tesha’s Shelf & Influences

List of Past Readings :

Children of Fire : A History of African Americans

Caribbean Currents

Past Things Watched

James Baldwin from “The Negro and the American Promise”

Current Readings:

Essentials of Supply Chain management

Strategic management in Action

Shopper, Buyer & Consumer Behavior Theory

Things Having Influence:

Music Influence is the greatest in my life : Bob Marley , Buju Banton, Sizzla , Garnett Silk Capelton, Beres Hammond , Jah Cure some of my favorite artists you will find me listening to.

Tesha’s Fear of Loss of the Fantastic 4

Tesha Donald’s Ascending

Fear of Loss of The Fantastic 4

Loss is the hardest to deal with. Life without them, the fantastic four- children.

Oh how I adore, to think of all that I bore. It has never been of ease.

How much it took, with all that shook, within me. Turned inside out , round and round -labor the hardest task in life.

No smiles , dramatic memories missed time endless tears heartaches all that is what is considered normal.

Accolades I hold dear inside. I reviewed our ride , what a loss that would be, never to see hold hear -Loss is what I fear.

commute to college (excluding the)

I had mixed feelings when I woke up today. I was both annoyed and excited because college was going to stat again from today. After I took s shower and had lunch it was already 4:30.  It took me a few more minutes to get ready and I rushed out of my house. I did not want to be late on the first day of the new semester.  I ran to our subway station but missed a 7 train by a few seconds as it sped past me . Fortunately another train followed shortly and I quickly hopped in. I found an empty seat and   quickly sat down. I noticed a bright red light reflecting on a window in front of me. It was beautiful. I wanted to go up and sit facing the sunset but felt uncomfortable thinking what the person sitting there would think. Before i could make up my mind it got dark. I nodded off soon after and barely got up in time to get off at Jay street metro tech.

The Fear of God

My fears is about life after death. As a Muslim I belives their is life after death. We have two option either Haven or Hell. I am worried about Hell.In Islam, Hell is described in very graphic terms in both the Koran and the Hadith. Their theology teaches that there are several levels of Hell. The first level of Hell is reserved for Muslim sinners, the second is for idolaters who were polytheists, the third level is for worshippers of fire, and the fourth level is for atheists. By the time you get to the fifth and sixth levels you find out who are the real enemies of Islam because the fifth is reserved for Jews and the sixth for the Christians. The seventh and last is for hypocrites which could include Muslims. All Muslims who have not pleased God will also fall into one of the hells, but by the grace of Allah, they can be brought out. It is true that as Christians, we have a fiery Hell as a part of our theology, but we concentrate more on Heaven than on Hell. In the holy writings of Islam there are very graphic descriptions of the pain and torment that will be experience by those in Hell. Such graphic details as skin being slowly peeled off the body only to grow back again and peeled off again and again, bloated stomachs exploding because of the liquid they drink, and other painful experiences are vividly described. Reading such descriptions only elevate the fear level in believers.

    To overcome my fears what I do practice Islam as much as you can, respect yours parents, find a teacher, keep away from debates and arguments, understand Islam’s organic nature, maintain your identity, force myself go to masjid, avoid loneliness, stay away from extremism, and do not despair.

Fears & Antidote without descending letters

I have a fear of not able to see someone who is close to me ever. When we are too attached to another, we never want to break that bond. Humans are sensitive creatures. Not a lot of our kind can deal with death. Death is like cancer, but worst.

However there are some stuff we can do to reduce the risk, and we can think better rather than the cons.

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