“My Journey” including my narrative as a student in English Class this semester.
Submitted by: Diane Diaz
Exam, ENG 1121
Section 106

Dear professor, as a student with english as a second language, found your class very interesting, it really got my attention. English class are never my favorite because i found it to be really hard to express myself thru writing.My Journey as a student in New York City Tech has been challenging,it is a very important piece of my future as a nurse and has not been easy , but that has make me more stronger. In this class I have learned to listen, to find myself more putting any thought i may have in that moment. I am really starting to understand myself a little more. I also learned how to listen to opinions and also put my thought without being afraid. I learned different types of genres that I can utilize in the future. I learned how to be creative and describe what really is on my mind. Recently I did not pass a very important test for the beginning of my career. I know that failing is not an option and sometimes happens I found the reason, is to make you stronger I would not take this second chance as granted. A lot of my colleagues in this class i found very motivators and it feels great knowing we have a class that we are learning in many different ways. Thank You professor.