1.You will  need to have access to an Online etymological dictionary, like this one, so bookmark it, please: http://www.etymonline.com/. The Instructor may ask you to look up, not just the meaning of a word, but its linguistic root.

2.You must either personally own or have ready access to an English Style Guide to help you with mechanics and grammar, paper formatting questions, and the like. (Our college English Dept. uses MLA Style.) For example, thePurdue OWL Website is a comprehensive Online source that will give you practice exercises, rules of grammar, and links to MLA style. Bookmark this site for yourself.¬† Examples of print style guides would be¬† Rules of Thumb or The Little Seagull Handbook…there are many. You should have already acquired one during your ENG 1101 semester. You will also be asked to do your own research and find¬† EXERCISES in mechanics and grammar and post them periodically to OpenLab.

Other Materials and Supplies:

1.) Writing and Storage: Get at least one spiral notebook. They are available from the Campus Bookstore (pictured below). Also obtain at least one folder to keep photocopied handouts in.

2.) I recommend you also obtain a smaller, more portable notebook for yourself‚ÄĒ one that you can take on the train, use in public while you‚Äôre at a coffee shop or waiting in line. After all, you will be writing all the time. : )

Here are examples of some of mine to show scale:

3.) You will need pens and pencils.

4.) Highlighting pens in four colors (these will be useful later in the semester)

5. ) You are responsible to bring to class any photocopied readings that the Instructor distributes as well as all Online readings.

6.) You will need¬†a validated Library Card. The Instructor will send you to the Library to check out materials ‚ÄĒ be ready!

7. ) You need access to a computer and a printer. Sorry, though printing can be problematic on campus, you must print your formal, typed papers when they are assigned. Please familiarize yourself with the various labs (6th Floor, Namm) and centers (Atrium Building, Ground Floor) and other sites (The Library) where you can print! When the Instructor says that an assignment must be printed in hard copy, she means it, and does not, as a rule, accept GoogleDocs or electronic files in exchange.

8. ) Paper. We are sorry to say it, but your Instructor does not like double-sided printing. : )

9.) Subscriptions to various Online publications, as requested by Instructor. Examples might be The New York Times or The Atlantic. The New York Times online edition is now available to all CUNY students, faculty and staff for free at nytimes.com/passes.

10.)¬†Have a good Dictionary¬†or a good¬†Dictionary¬†App¬†easily at hand. (If you don’t have a paper dictionary, you will probably need a smartphone, as the Instructor may ask you to look something up, STAT! See above.)