Author: Dylan

Genre: Amazon Reviews – Anxiety and Self Doubt

Anxiety and self doubt are like two of your former best friends who you’ve tried to leave behind. The problem is, they never got the memo. They’re kind of like a dynamic duo, except without Batman and Robin’s tights. Instead, they take “tight” to the next level. Sometimes, they play little pranks like constricting your breath or working you up from the smallest kindling of thought into a wildfire of rage. They’d be great if you like that extra edge in life. However, if you want to live happily, then it’s best not to let these two slide into your DMs.

Overall, 2/10. Would not recommend.

Recipe for starting mixed martial arts


  1. Mouthpiece
  2. Gloves and wrist wraps
  3. Rashguard – elastic, quick to dry, and fits snugly
  4. Shorts
  5. Water and food
  6. An open mind


  • Go to a martial arts gym. Sign up for a class
  • Follow instructions carefully
  • Always ask questions about things you don’t understand. Doing this shows that you want to learn, and your instructors/peers will be glad to share their knowledge.
  • Have fun

Defining Genre

Texts, Emails, Youtube videos, Posters (on trains), Comics, Memes, Science fiction, Facebook, Reviews,Instagram

I like reviews a lot because they usually help me get a good idea of whether or not to go to restaurants, events, or buy products. Most people used reviews, so the language is very easy to understand and straightforward.

Genre is a specific way of communicating information to people of specific needs or wants. There is no limit to the number of genres that can exist.

Navigating Genres

I have never been very comfortable with making Facebook posts. My life is something I only share with people close to me. Also, the thought of it makes me anxious. There are so many unspoken rules about what you can post and how it should be done. I know a lot of older people who are very comfortable with making Facebook posts (they do it all the time actually). My aunts and uncles aren’t very good at conveying their emotions in posts, though. They sound way too professional.

“ Recommendations Understand Area Woman Better Than Husband”  was my favorite.

I don’t carry many rules in my head for writing. I follow this feeling in my gut about what to change and how to convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions. I always struggle writing cover letters. They’re so formal, yet you have to somehow convince the employer that you have great work ethic but are also an interesting person.

Shitty First Drafts

I don’t really have a set amount of drafts that I write. Usually I do 2-3 drafts, but it depends on whether I’m submitting it for a grade or not. When I write personal pieces I leave them as drafts to retain a more accurate self portrait of my mind. With actual assignments I usually have 3 drafts, just like Lamott. Her title and writing felt very relatable, because it always frustrated me when my first drafts would always end up being heavily revised despite the amount of time and effort I’d put in. Lately though, I’ve started loving my shitty first drafts. They’re fun to write and definitely don’t cramp my style.