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Genre-Menu description

For my genre, I choose my major Hospitality Management. Right now I’m learning how to become a chef that understands some kitchen skill and structure. Also I was learning how to write a menu description up to standard. Menu description usually writes by the chef who is know everything about kitchen and plate costing. Also menu description helps customers easy to understand what ingredients in the food. When it is written well, the description conveys the soul of the restaurant and lead to higher profits. The chef is the speaker who describes the menu by using professional and special words to telling the customer as an audience. Such as “trigger ingredient”, “colorful”, “flavorful”, “lightly”, “stronger”.

The sound that I heard

After work, I felt tired and just want to go home. When I got to the subway station and I saw the waiting time is about 15 minutes. I was so impatience. And I heard the broadcast made an announcement about traffic and the train will make local stops. People start whispering and I heard a person who stands next to me said “damn, always, always, always have problems!” Yea, I agreed with him. But I still have to wait 15 minutes.

When I was on the train, there was so quiet and nobody talking. I can only hear the sound of the train while it moving. When it was 36th St station, two young students got on the train and stand in front of me. One of them said, “Did you know the new movie Captain Marvell? My sister told me that’s really good!” Another one answer”Really? I love the Avengers movie, let’s go when you are free. Maybe this weekend?” Their conversation made me inquisitive. I like the Avengers movie too. Now I really want to watch this new movie.

How to start essay

Sometimes too much freedom is not a good thing. This essay on “Freedom” I don’t know where should I start. Freedom has many different mean to different people. Today for me, freedom is the choice to live our life, doing what our wants, live where our wants, eat by own choice and learn what our heart desires. This means that freedom can apply to different aspects of life and freedom is not an absolute term.

Earlier today…I noticed…

Earlier today I paused for a few moments and did nothing, I noticed that time fly, and that was a great time for me. Before my class starts, I went to central park to take pictures with my mom and we had lunch around there. Also, we shopping for a while. After that, I was distracted by a movie, so we went to the theater to watch the movie.  It spends two hours. When we on our way home, I sit in the subway, I noticed that I still have homework to finish. I felt upset, even I can pause for a few moments I’ll do nothing.  Because be in daze always better than working. I know I always wasting time to do nothing.

Backpack VS Briefcase

The author describing how the Rhetorical analysis has been around for so long and now society is so used to it. Show how rhetoric is based on many other things and it up to us to see things in other ways to be more open to learning new things.


In Grammar to Get Things Done, focusing on 25 of the most common grammatical concepts. “Mechanics” simply refers to the technicalities of writing. Digital technologies and tools replace writing.


1. Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life

1.Instagram  2. Letter 3. Wechat  4.Menu description   5. Newspaper

6. Note   7. Function   8. Instruction  9. Google  10. Summary


2. My favorite genre is the newspaper. Because of it very convenient to know anything. I read every day, such as International news, funny news or employment information. Read the newspaper is good for a boarder sight.


3. The genre is kinds of art. It expresses information through many patterns. Different kinds of texts, each with its own features, purposes, and conventions.

How to Travel


1 Body

A few money


Make plan



1 Backbag






  1. Wear a comfortable sneakes help you easy to walk
  2. Put clothes and money in your backbag
  3. Choose transportation go whatever you wants
  4. Use camera to commemorate that place you went to
  5. Use you plan and map go to famous and funny place
  6. Stay here few day. Sleep and change clothes in your room and relax


Shitty First Drafts

Answer 1: I typically write one draft of my paper.

Answer 2: I don’t write a “down draft,” an “up draft,” and a “dental draft” like Lamott says.

Answer 3: I was curious about this title. The author uses this title to tell us about her experience as a writer.

Answer 4: I will change my way if I write a “shitty first draft”. Because writing first drafts is a dreadful process but after that, I will know what should I delete or change.

Backpacks vs. Briefcases

The text Backpacks vs. Briefcases discusses the importance of rhetorical analysis and explains how rhetoric is utilized to make informed decisions and conclusions in everyday occurrences. The text also states where rhetoric can be found and how to discern the different aspects of rhetoric.  Carroll writes “If we refuse to stop and think about how and why it persuades us, we can become mindless consumers ho buy into arguments.”

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