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How to have a GREAT relationship (with SCIENCE!)


  • Yourself
  • A partner


  • Get into a relationship and form a hypothesis: what do you want from a relationship?
  • Examine yourself, what stupid things must I get rid of variables and independent variables?
  • Examine your partner; Do they compliment you?
  • Experiment – Do a couple of test to make sure that the relationship is sustainable, don’t do one test and stick with the results because you will get inaccurte data
  • Share your results with your partner and come to a conclusion.

Something I do well

Re: What I do very well


Dear Comrade,


From the recent letters that we do not send to each other, I am going to answer the question you proposed to me last time. Come closer and listen up, this is very important. You cannot tell anyone about this. You see, I am very interested in nothing. Now I know what you are going say, but hear me out, and maybe you’ll be interested in it too. Nothing to you may seem boring and a very improper way to answer your question, but trust me its far beyond any of us. Its so vast.. Compare to that bottomless hole you told me about a couple months ago. I said that I wanted to visit it with you cause it reminds me of nothing. The one thing in my life hat I cannot escape. Doesn’t matter how many times I find something, nothing is always lurking behind. So instead of avoiding it, how bout I embrace it right? I just love its silence. Nothing is peaceful to me.





Hello again Comrade!


I can see from my last letter that you didn’t buy the bullshit answer that I gave you. I really thought that you’d believe that I am interested in nothing, but your are smarter than I thought you were. So, no more bullshit. I will tell you what I am really interested in and do not judge. It is porn. Okay that was my last joke I swear. My interest is jokes. I think that you can see I’m not joking about this one this time. I mean look what I just did to you my precious Comrade. I really sat at home and wasted ink, trees, and some of the precious minutes I had left on this planet to write you a whole letter that was just a meaningless joke. Its cause I cherish the art of jokes. It helps me bring optimism to any situation. I hope that now you’ll understand me better.



Me, Again…


PS: I know this has nothing to do with what you asked me, but I want to tell you anyways. There is a difference between horseshit and bullshit. A guy once told me to put the things in a hierarchy,

Recipe for dealing with someone’s bullshit

How to deal with someone’s Bullshit


  • A good personality
  • Listening skills
  • A brain that can decipher information
  • Soft voice


  1. Be optimistic
  2. Listen to the person thoroughly and carefully
  3. Have patients. Do not loose your shit
  4. Respond in an according manner that sounds reassuring
  5. Explain the flaw in their reasoning
  6. Tell them to piss off in a respectful manner

Shitty Drafts Response

I typically only write 1 draft. I’m not going to lie, I never thought about writing more than one draft. I usually write a draft as Lamott describes. I wasn’t surprised at the title when I first saw it. I thought to myself, “Yeah, that makes sense” (probably because that how I describe things in my life that make no sense, “shitty”. After reading this, I will definitely approach my writing in this way because I feel that way every time I start a  new writing assignment.



The F-Word

The F-Word

Laura Bolin Carroll Reflection

If we are being honest here, I may have enjoyed this article. I felt like I actually learned something about rhetorical writing. I was very intrigued at the three artistic appeals (pathos, ethos, and logos). Seeing their definitions and application gave me good insight to how rhetorical writers write.

The Fear and Cure (kinda cure) – Emmanuel Jeffers


I believe that I have been afraid of an uncontrollable death. I mean I don’t want to die like that! No one does! What scare me most about it is that it comes like a horror Its builds a lot of tension. Like when I’m at school, Sometimes I think about all the bad outcomes that could occur. For instance, the school could be on fire at all the main exits are blocked, or a missile could strike the classroom I’m in, or a shooter could enter the building. This is my reasoning for me to sit near the window so that I can make a rapid exit (unless it’s a missile, at that point I’m screwed and I’ll die of shock before the missile gets me).





The Cure: Screw you and your mind. We are coming for you. Hi

My Morning – Emmanuel Jeffers

Waking up wasn’t fun. I was in that red couch, which isn’t good for my back. I fell asleep last night so I didn’t prepare for today at all. My clothes weren’t pressed, and all of my equipment was dead. And then my idiot self goes and takes a shower without charging any of them (real smart of me). After my shower, I prepared my bag an clothes for school, while trying to vet my brother prepared so that he wouldn’t miss his bus. I know I told him before he left, “hey! Don’t forget your science project!”. But what did he do, he left it right on his desk. So guess who had to skateboard this morning to go hand deliver his project. Man did I rush to leave that house when I saw his project. I was lucky to catch it while I still had some time left.