Author: Dillon


Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life.


Movies, music, social media, news, code, texts, emails, comics, advertisements, video games


Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience? What sort of language do they use?


I like the music genre the best. I enjoy the fact that music is so expressive and can be for any audience. Music uses the language of rhythm, tone, sound, and voice/vocals

What is your understanding of the term “genre”?

Genre is any form of writing represented through various forms of media that convey different messages and have different purposes

Shitty First Drafts

Typically, I create one original “shitty first draft” and develop it after thoroughly reading it and having others critique it. I definitely start off with a “down draft” jotting off any thought that comes to mind as I write the draft. Subsequently, I transition to an “up draft” and edit it for grammar, spelling and proper word usage. Although I do technically make a “dental draft”, I feel like I should further elaborate on that section due to the fact that I normally only edit once and skim through again after but not enough to claim it as a 3rd draft.  I was not surprised by title of Lamott’s chapter because I feel as though it is common knowledge that every good writer must make a shitty first draft in order to develop their writings into a ‘perfect’ final draft. This reading most definitely influenced the way I write because it gave fruition to the thought that I can still further develop my writings in order to achieve a new level of literary skills.

My fear

A monumental fear that I have is a fear of failure. I fear that one moment that I will not achieve the ambitions to which I set towards. A fear that drives me time and time anew to remain on the endeavor to achievement. This fear comes hand in hand with other situations that would shift me to unease such as the sorrow that failure would bring to individuals who have elevated excitements for me and the future. I feel that as time continues the imminent test of fate looms around me like a shadow that becomes more immense as if the sun above me is at the crown of its reach.

My day without “the”

My day started off fairly early today. I started my day off by driving to blink, a gym in Canarsie, around 5:45 am. After working out, I drove back home and made eggs with mushrooms and spinach. After eating breakfast, I got ready to head to work. I was running late today due to the fact that my time management skills need improvement. I took an Uber to catch my usual train, which was delayed. I should’ve expected this predicament to occur, especially since I left my house at 9 am to get to work for 9:45. After getting off a delayed L train, I rushed through Broadway junction to pursue a congested A train. Finally, after a grueling 30 minutes of standing in an overcrowded train cart, I reached my job on Fulton Street around 9:55 am. At my job, it was delivery day today so a lot of packages came, my coworker and I brought boxes back and forth. After 2 pm I clocked out from work and went to hang out with my friends until 4 pm, which is when my first class for the day started off. I mistakenly greeted my professor in my prior class thinking she was a friend of mine. We joked around in class and introduced ourselves, in which I found out she was Grenadian just like me.