Author: Wesley Abreu

Genre Assignment

You may see me struggle,
but you won’t see me fall.
Regardless if I’m weak or not,
I’m going to stand tall.
Everyone says life is easy,
but truly living it is not.
Times get hard,
people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot.
I’m going to wear the biggest smile,
even though I want to cry.
I’m going to fight to live,
even though I’m destined to die.
And even though it’s hard
and I may struggle through it all,
you may see me struggle…
but you will NEVER see me fall.

The poem was created to uplift anyone who had any thought of giving up in any situation. It lets the audience know that life may get hard a times, but you have to constantly persevere through it all by fighting for what you have visioned for yourself. The poem teaches you alot in just a few lines which is what makes it good. Each line written in the poem can relate to the audience no matter who it is. Besides that, the poem also mentions the fact that life may get difficult to the point where you at your weakest.The time when the toughest situations approach you that when have to stand tall. Staying positive through the obstacles that life has ready to throw at you is what’s most important. Staying positive when you at your worst can be the most helpful tool.

My Own poem about my love for basketball

Hoop dreams and great friends made me do things,
stay out trouble learned new things
what it do bring is “good games”,
Shooting shots but the target has no name, playing against the clock,shoot the rock
let it go straight, Okay I’m ready, middle left right which way I’m headed, many directions but I took flight never staying steady, basketball is life,
many working hard for the nights they ain’t believe in them self so they’ll make it right, sleepless nights
no pain no gain there’s no rest in life,
only when you on the bench your thoughts take a pause and observe the rest,
learn from their make mistakes and make them ONE again
become the captain of the team but we all are men,
and chemistry is at 1000 cause we more then friends
brothers in arms playing defense when the walls to them, and if we lose play it cool but better get lost in gyms,
Get ready to do better all your flaws are wins, we all want is in, side of each and every one of us that’s the lawless gem

GENRE How to

A How to entry on how to shoot a basketball.
Hello if your struggling to shoot a basketball and looking for some ways to improve your shot you have came to the right place. I will tell you 7 easy steps that will help you shoot a basketball.
Step 1: First you must have a basketball and a basketball hoop

Step 2: you must decide on what’s your dominant shooting hand.

Step 3: you have to put one of your foot in front of the other. If your dominant shooting hand is the right hand then your right foot should be the foot that’s infront

Step 4: Make sure that your feet is spread apart evenly. Preferably at least 7-8 inches

Step 5: you want to put the basketball on your dominant shooting hand, use your other hand to help you hold and guide the basketball while you shoot

step 6: as you just the basketball make sure before you jump you bend your knees slightly. ( adds more power to your shot)

Step 7: aim your elbow at the rim. Once you got the aim you want you follow through and release the ball within your finger tips.

Different types of Genres

Name 10 Genres you encounter in your life
Comedy books
Comic Books

2. Name one or two that you like the best. And say why. Who is their audience and what kind of language do they use?
The two genres that I like the best has to be anime and poetry. Poetry and Anime stand out the best for because anime is something that i grew up watching. Anime contains messages throughout the story line that can be interesting. Anime originally comes from japan, but it has gotten so popular that it has migrated all the way all over the world. I also chose poetry because without it there wouldn’t be any hip hop/rap. Without that form of music I honestly don’t know what I would do. That form of music brings me joy and can brighten my mood in an instant.

3. What is your understanding of the term “Genre”?
I believe that Genre comes in different forms. It comes in music, tv shows,writing, and many other forms. Genre is basically content in a specific form.

How to keep a healthy relationship

3 Tablespoons of connection
In order you have or even start a relationship you must first have a bond with them.

2 cups of understanding
In a relationship both partners need to learn how to understand one another and hear each other out. A relationship without understanding has no room for growth.

1 tablespoon of patience
In a relationship you have to be patient with each other. Cant start an argument for something that’s isn’t really a big problem. If you do get mad then talk with your partner in a nice tone, otherwise it’s going to evolve into an argument.

A dash of humor
A relationship is not fun if there isn’t any sense of humor

4 cups of love
This is the most important ingredient. A relationship without genuine love for one another isn’t really a relationship.

with these ingredients you will be able to keep not only yourself but your partner happy as well.

Navigating Genres

Facebook is a huge asset in our world today. It can be used to play games, interact with family, friends, and even express your feelings for your friends to see. I personally don’t use Facebook to post about how I feel or even post at all. The reason behind that is because Facebook public. Anything that you post can be seen by anyone. It can’t be trusted, you don’t know what type of people can be creeping around looking at your information or what type of information you post. Also Facebook can cause a lot of trouble to teenagers. Believe it or not Facebook is actually a huge part of the chaos teens go through today. There are a lot of cyber bullies that say and do things that can actually hurt someone to the point where they might want to hurt themselves or the cyber bully. Older people like my parents don’t really have to worry about posting on Facebook. The reason is because unlike most teens, older people worry about who’s adding them on Facebook. Older people only add people that they know, but the youth usually adds anyone just so they can have more friends and more likes. Also older people know not to post their life in social media. In comparison, teenagers have the tendency to post pictures or statuses that are not appropriate for social media. The genre I struggle the most with has to be poetry. I have a problem with no being able to connect the right words when writing a poem.

Shitty First Draft

When I have to write down an essay or research paper I usually have at least two drafts. My first draft consist of  writing whatever comes to mind at the moment. My second draft I make sure to spot out every mistake i made while writing the paper . When I first read the title to the chapter I was astounded because authors usually don’t have the fortitude to post such foul language in their books especially as the title. After reading the chapter “ Shitty first draft’ I learned that it’s best you use the method the  author spoke upon. By writing the downdraft your creating a surface for your paper. For the updraft you have looking over the previous paper and search for sentences that you could reword differently to make it sound more appropriate. Finally comes the dental draft, which is finding every mistake made on the paper like punctuations, capitalization, and etc. These three steps will improve all writers exponentially. It will help writers like myself notice the mistakes they made and learn from them. From now on I will make sure i review all the work that I write at least three times to make sure there’s no error.


what is freedom ?

What is the true definition of freedom? Are we really free? Or are we just living in a world that is controlled by the upper class? These are questions I continue to ask myself as I hear the word “freedom”. I see freedom as the ability to do anything that you put your mind to, no matter what anyone thinks or says. We live in the country known as the “Land of the Free”, but throughout history people of color have been deprived of their freedom. It seems like the word freedom has only belonged to white people. In the 1950s and 1960s the civil rights movement started. It was an era where the people of color fought for their equality.It started because of the law that people of color and whites can’t share the same things, they must be segregated. People of color were not able to use the same water fountains, bathrooms, stores, or even go to the same school as white people. The reason they were so segregated was because of the law called Plessy vs Ferguson which meant that people of color and whites were “separate but equal”. Many people believed that segregation must come to end especially the people of color. There were many people of color that fought back against segregation like Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Little Rock 9 , Malcolm x and etc. Through determination, perseverance, and hard work they fought for what they wanted which was their freedom.

Thanks to the sacrifices of those wonderful people in the civil rights movements, color of people can finally walk freely and have equal rights. Although the land of the free may be free, other countries don’t have the same luxury. Other countries like Iraq wished they had the amount of freedom us Americans have. Women are highly discriminated. They are not even allowed to walk outside of their homes if they do not have a male beside them. Women in Iraq are used to only stay in the house to cook, clean, and take care of their kids. They don’t have the chance to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals. Americans take advantage of the freedom instead of putting it to good use. Which is why it is absolutely imperative that I go after any goal that I set for myself.

Malcolm X is a perfect example of freedom. When he was in the worst position possible which was jail he still made the best of it. He got his freedom taken away in a physical standpoint but he made sure they didn’t take his freedom of knowledge. Malcolm X pushed himself by reading the entire dictionary to learn every single word that he didn’t know. That is absolutely I spring. Malcolm X made sure that his freedom of knowledge was not taken away from him.”months passed with me even thinking about being imprisoned. In fact, up to then, I never had been so truly free in my life.” This quote demonstrates that Malcolm X felt free being in prison because he had so much time to himself, not only did he learn about other things reading books but he learned more about himself. After his 7 year imprisonment he became one of the most powerful influence in the civil rights movement that led to the end of segregation.

I am honestly blessed to have the ability to say I have freedom. Freedom has been a global issue, I’m hoping that one day everyone will have the right to follow whatever he or she desires. As Malcolm X used to say “ A man who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire, or preserve his freedom.