Name 10 Genres you encounter in your life
Comedy books
Comic Books

2. Name one or two that you like the best. And say why. Who is their audience and what kind of language do they use?
The two genres that I like the best has to be anime and poetry. Poetry and Anime stand out the best for because anime is something that i grew up watching. Anime contains messages throughout the story line that can be interesting. Anime originally comes from japan, but it has gotten so popular that it has migrated all the way all over the world. I also chose poetry because without it there wouldn’t be any hip hop/rap. Without that form of music I honestly don’t know what I would do. That form of music brings me joy and can brighten my mood in an instant.

3. What is your understanding of the term “Genre”?
I believe that Genre comes in different forms. It comes in music, tv shows,writing, and many other forms. Genre is basically content in a specific form.