Author: krysaleksiejuk

A recipe, and a poster on procrastination

Procrastination Recipe

Procrastination on a 10 Page Paper

Needed things

  • Project due date
  • Lazy student
  • Distractions
  • Energy drinks
  • Anxiety
  • Lots of panic

So your 10 page paper on a table is due in 48 hours. Good luck. Cancel all plans and cram as much as you can in there.



  1. Spend the first 2-3 hours researching your topic
  2. Reward yourself with 15-30 minutes of youtube/ videogames
  3. Lunch is coming up, so go prepare that
  4. 4-5 hours have passed, you should create a outline
  5. Spend 30-60 minutes on an intro
  6. Reward yourself again
  7. For the first two pages, write only about the creators of the table
  8. Give your hand some rest, It’s been almost 8 hours of typing
  9. Realise you spent too much time procrastinating
  10. Panic (10-15 minutes)
  11. Spend the next 4-6 hours typing
  12. Go back and edit sentences
  13. Edit again to make longer sentences
  14. Relax , you spent all day writing
  15. Go to bed
  16. Don’t sleep for 3-8 hours
  17. Panic in bed
  18. Get out of bed
  19. Eat breakfast while working on the paper
  20. Add citations
  21. Add more Sentences
  22. Realize you only need two more pages
  23. Nap
  24. Nap too long
  25. Wake up in a panic
  26. Rush the paper
  27. Realize the paper is too short
  28. Add more citations
  29. Extend sentences
  30. Submit

Notes: It’s your fault you had 48 hours

Your Shelf (list) of Influences


Things that influence me:

  • Blink 182 (band)
    • All the Small Things
    • She’s out of Her Mind
    • What’s my Age again
    • Bored to Death
  • Hollywood Undead (band)
    • Undead
    • Believe
    • Gravity
    • Undead
    • Lion
  • Bullet for my Valentine (band)
    • Tears don’t Fall
    • Tears don’t fall Part 2
    • Waking the demon
    • Your Betrayal

Prisoner Lipogram without descending letters on the topic of “fear”, ascending letters on the topic of “cure”

Restrictions of No Ascenders and Descenders

I fear to be alone, as much as I fear failure. The mind runs wild, even if there is no error, a void sucks the mind into a circular vortex. I often overthink which it does not assist, and stress even more. After some time, I live with the fear, it becomes a section of me, and I become a section of the void. Drone on and not think. Those are sub fears of the tallest fear of them all. Not to be a section, but to be a void because of fear, and not return to normal.

Company is my cure,
A caring person
Me away from me
We care

Lipogram without “the”

Story without “The”

Today I had a workshop seminar in downtown Manhattan. On my way to my second workshop, I saw my friends and a graduate from my program. They were leaving to go to a facility known as “brooklyn STEAM Center” to help prepare the rooms for class. My director, who was hiding behind a desk and told me to go with them to help. After we were done helping, we got food and waited for class. When it was time to get to class, me and a friend got an Uber to go to City Tech.