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You write to become a more effective person — across the board. We will write a LOT in this course, and we will listen to what was said. Let the power begin.

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Final Portfolio-David Robertson

https://mailcitytechcuny-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/davidanthony_robertson_mail_citytech_cuny […] See MoreFinal Portfolio-David Robertson

Unit 5- Serena Ngai

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HEV7mUU43jXpv2-yHFReEVXE3RZFxNZb2rhHD9c6sq4/edit See MoreUnit 5- Serena Ngai

Unit 4

Is Sleep Deprivation good for You To watch the video please go to slideshow and click on from beginning See MoreUnit 4

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Also this: http://webgramb.com/media/2000899512000155270 -Prof. S. See More

Thanks for letting me know, it works now. See More

Thanks, Wael. The link does not take me to the video... -Prof. S. See More

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