Final Reflection

Jason Morales                                                                                                                                                   Morales 1

CUNY of Technology

English 1121-Section E106

Prof. Schmerler





What is my journey? A great question in my mind as friend and family have asked me “why go to college now”? I truly believe that with education and mixed with my experience, I would be able to achieve a higher position in my career and also I can feel accomplished with a good education.

My journey so far has been very interesting. In the beginning of my first semester which was August 2018, I didn’t honestly know what to except and how I was going to react being away from school for twenty years. I wondered “would it be like high school”? Perhaps maybe it was like what I seen in movies, a big room with a large blackboard with many chairs lined up around the large blackboard. As I walked into the classroom, I said to myself” this remind me of high school, I have a challenge ahead of me”.

My family and friends have given me support and always have pushed me into completing this “dream” I wanted to do. My mother has been my biggest supporter and fan, she will always say to me “It’s never too late to finish what you started” I see her today and I recognized how accomplished she is as a retired NYPD sergeant. This type of spirit and energy flows within our family and that has given me strength and courage to complete my journey.


Morales 2

The further I went into the semester, the more and more comfortable I became. Yes it does have that high school feeling but this is college and suddenly my hunger to learn started to come out. I felt confident on the work I was doing, for the first time in a long, long time I understood what the professors were instructing the classes I was attending to. At that moment I knew that I was able to continue my journey.

I was able to complete my first semester passing all my classes to achieve twelve credits towards my transcript. Wow! My first twelve credits towards my dream, my goal. This moment had made a buzz within my family and friends, as they too celebrated with me. The funny thing is at that time all I had in my mind was “I am ready for my second semester, let’s bring it”! Now the second semester towards my journey has commenced and with some experience I had from last semester I pretty much had a good sense on how to prepare and organized myself a lot more easily than last semester.

I was excited since this new semester I am taking two of my major classes. My major being Legal Studies, However, I knew this might be a challenge. I quickly dived into my classes and I really like all my classes except philosophy, the subject was interesting but the accent my professor was using was very heavy and I cannot really understand her. I felt really bad and embarrassed and her accent it was very difficult for me to understand so I decided to stop attending her classes. Now I have three classes to focus on which is Intro to Paralegal, Civil Litigation and English.



Morales 3

I didn’t let that minor setback affect me, even though I felt terrible and I was kind of blaming myself because I was thinking it was me that really didn’t pay attention in philosophy class.

So in English when my professor asked us to pick a genre, I was really putting serious though into it and I realized what better genre topic than my life career which I made it mystic calling it “Paralegalism” the art and/or act of being a paralegal. It does have a pretty interesting ring to it and also it helps to explain what a paralegal is and their functionality. In this English class I was actually having fun and I didn’t feel lost or hopeless, this units that where taught actually help me realize that there isn’t anything I can’t write about. It really had my creative juices flowing all the time.

Where would this journey lead me too? I don’t really have an answer but I have a pretty positive feeling about it. I am really enjoying my time at college and meeting so many interesting people and actually sharing common goals. I believe in this motto, life is short and every minute counts, make the most of it!


  1. Sarah Schmerler

    this reflection is great. Thank you.
    However, I have a huge concern. The plagiarism you said you understood? You in fact resubmitted it to me in your Final Portfolio as a “revised” essay. Yet, much of your revision is still plagiarized.
    You are in the Legal Profession, Jason!! You must know how to discern your own creative language from that of others.
    -Prof. S.

    • Jason

      Hello Professor Schmerler,

      Sorry I edited the paper so fast I forgot to include The works cited, which I did.
      again sorry for that I do understand the legality of the issue and works cited is what we also do in this profession.

      Good day

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