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List of Relevant Sources

List of Relevant Sources

Worksheet 2 – Inquiry Project

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Genre + Rhetoric

Pick and Strum

Poem analysis

Inquiry Project Worksheet #1

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Pick and Strum

Pick and strum, pick and strum
What a warm and delighting sound
When I am serenading to myself that I have found
It is the very sound that brings me from insanity to sanity

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I awake from repose
On a rare day where I don’t need to worry about life’s tasks
I still overthink, I still stress
“Why is this happening?” I ask
It is my mind getting the best of me, I guess

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I walk to my guitar case, a beginner’s guitar case
I bring it to my room
Unzipping it, a feeling of excitement rushes through me
I see a sunset, orangey colored fading into black guitar
I am ready

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I don’t abide in a perfect world, so I have to tune this baby
Once it’s tuned, using a 1/4 inch cable I connect to my VOX amplifier
Everything fades, my worries and stresses
It’s just Tele and I

Recipe: Playing Guitar

Reading 1

When I start to write a paper or a piece of writing, I never think of doing drafts. I tend to go straight to it and make it the best I can, unless it’s asked to write a draft. I never heard of the “down draft,” “up draft,” or the “dental draft,” however, they seem to  be great ideas. I was surprised with the title, but it’s true. We all need that kind of first draft and this will definitely change the way I’m gonna start to write.

Slave To Nothing

Slave To Nothing

My Infleunces/My Shelf


The Bible by A lot of People (GOD)

23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Design Process in Architecture by Geoffrey Makstutis


Divinely Beautiful (Live) by United Pursuit; written by Will Reagan

Pissed Off by Fit For A King; written by Jared Easterling, Robert Benton Lynge, Ryan Kirby, and Ryan O’Leary

Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol; written by Billy Idol and Tony James

Visible Unseen by Silent Planet; written by William Scott Putney

Nineteen by Movements; written by Patrick Miranda

There’s so many songs… but these were some that I thought about.


50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine

Warrior, directed by Gavin O’Connor

Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson

The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hudges

Fear & Cure


I used to be a sick kid. Thank God, I’m better. I had asthma for a while when I was little and it would strike with a horrible sentiment that I’d receive an attack and become breathless. It vacated until I became 16, I don’t remember… I don’t want to, in fact. What a dream. Keen to this doze, this face of mine on this cool cushion and out of nowhere at 3 a.m. I need air like never before. I came to the realization of how crucial air is, I mean I do know how much air is needed but this time was different. This obnoxious attack occurred all the times I went to bed. I couldn’t drift into another dream. Unable to find solitude as I close the curtains of this face, I was traumatized. After some time, I healed from it.  ’til this dawn, it hasn’t startled me. Nevertheless, I still fear it, that whenever I see someone else with the same occurrence I fear for them.



Will I ever overcome this illness? I was clinical. I weep. Prayer was mom’s answer.

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