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Pick and Strum

Pick and strum, pick and strum
What a warm and delighting sound
When I am serenading to myself that I have found
It is the very sound that brings me from insanity to sanity

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I awake from repose
On a rare day where I don’t need to worry about life’s tasks
I still overthink, I still stress
“Why is this happening?” I ask
It is my mind getting the best of me, I guess

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I walk to my guitar case, a beginner’s guitar case
I bring it to my room
Unzipping it, a feeling of excitement rushes through me
I see a sunset, orangey colored fading into black guitar
I am ready

Pick and strum, pick and strum
I don’t abide in a perfect world, so I have to tune this baby
Once it’s tuned, using a 1/4 inch cable I connect to my VOX amplifier
Everything fades, my worries and stresses
It’s just Tele and I

Reading 1

When I start to write a paper or a piece of writing, I never think of doing drafts. I tend to go straight to it and make it the best I can, unless it’s asked to write a draft. I never heard of the “down draft,” “up draft,” or the “dental draft,” however, they seem to  be great ideas. I was surprised with the title, but it’s true. We all need that kind of first draft and this will definitely change the way I’m gonna start to write.

My Infleunces/My Shelf


The Bible by A lot of People (GOD)

23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Design Process in Architecture by Geoffrey Makstutis


Divinely Beautiful (Live) by United Pursuit; written by Will Reagan

Pissed Off by Fit For A King; written by Jared Easterling, Robert Benton Lynge, Ryan Kirby, and Ryan O’Leary

Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol; written by Billy Idol and Tony James

Visible Unseen by Silent Planet; written by William Scott Putney

Nineteen by Movements; written by Patrick Miranda

There’s so many songs… but these were some that I thought about.


50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine

Warrior, directed by Gavin O’Connor

Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson

The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hudges

Fear & Cure


I used to be a sick kid. Thank God, I’m better. I had asthma for a while when I was little and it would strike with a horrible sentiment that I’d receive an attack and become breathless. It vacated until I became 16, I don’t remember… I don’t want to, in fact. What a dream. Keen to this doze, this face of mine on this cool cushion and out of nowhere at 3 a.m. I need air like never before. I came to the realization of how crucial air is, I mean I do know how much air is needed but this time was different. This obnoxious attack occurred all the times I went to bed. I couldn’t drift into another dream. Unable to find solitude as I close the curtains of this face, I was traumatized. After some time, I healed from it.  ’til this dawn, it hasn’t startled me. Nevertheless, I still fear it, that whenever I see someone else with the same occurrence I fear for them.



Will I ever overcome this illness? I was clinical. I weep. Prayer was mom’s answer.

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