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Worksheet 2

Soccer Benefits vs Disadvantages


Before creating my research, I felt that it’s important to open up further discussion and analysis of soccer world. Some people they do not know about soccer in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. I felt that it will be helpful to know why this kind of sport is the most popular in world.

I started to discuss about the benefits of soccer and classified them to three majors benefits. Those three majors benefits are, health and wealth benefits, soccer benefits to the audience and benefits of soccer to society. By mentioning those benefits, it will help those people who have a lack of knowledge about soccer, to know why so many people in different countries have this sport and even consider as a part of their culture.

Subsequently I discussed about the disadvantages of soccer. Those disadvantages were about players, audience and society. Just like the advantages of soccer it is important to know about its disadvantages. By knowing that, it will clarify the reasons about why so many people do not interest in soccer.

Due to the importance of this of this sport ( soccer ), I liked to discussed and clarified it to others who do not know soccer. I also wanted to grab their attention to this sport or even enjoy watching or playing it.

In this research paper I used several sources to support my knowledge and my discussion. They were helpful for this discussion because in each one them, there is a lot of information and studies that determined either the benefits or the negatives of soccer.

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Swenson, David M., et al. “Epidemiology of US high school sports-related ligamentous ankle injuries, 2005/06-2010/11.” Clinical journal of sport medicine: official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 23.3 (2013): 190.

My Genre and Analysis

Excuse Letter

The Analysis of My Genre:

My genre writing is an excuse letter format. In this genre the writing will be to yourself or someone else. This writing is a personal writing and less formal.

The purpose of this genre in general is to request an absence from work/school/practice or any other mission. In my case the writer is a soccer player requesting an absence from a soccer team practice.

The impacting community of this genre is by help the reader get the necessary information efficiently and with respect to the reader’s attention.

The language and vocabulary terms will be used in this genre are polite and showing a respect to the reader.

Biography Genre (Soccer)

Soccer is an ancient historical game that still practiced until this day. Soccer is an entertainment game played by more than 240 million people according to the Federation Internationale Football Association (FIFA). It is simply a ball kicked by players, but there are special rules that everyone who plays soccer must abide by these rules. Since soccer has been created, it still evolve its rules over time. It has become more famous than any sport in the world and it is the first game for those who love challenges.

Internal Revision: Donald Murray

  1. Murray defined writing as a process using language to discover a meaning in experience and to communicate it, also he  defined writing as a rewriting process. Murray explained that today many writers are getting away with “one-word drafts” and how they are no longer revising and revising their work. He referred to the needed of the three processes (prevision, vision and revision) of writing.
  1. Discover: to write in order to understand as much as you be understood. Discover is like a vision discovery draft. By completing this vision of what may be said, the writer stakes out of a territory to explore. Murray states that exploration begins with a prevision, next is the vision and finally revision which is ourselves going over our work and editing or altering till we feel it is complete. Ignorance: what writers feel about what they write. They often feel embarrassed and think others will not like what they wrote about. 
  1. Process is when writers used their best capabilities to generate ideas for done their first draft of writing. Product is when writers using what they have done on their process and work on it to product a pure writing or as a final draft. 
  1. Internal Revision is to review all work that a writer have done on first draft and figure out or edit ideas or. External Revision is when a writer proofreading his writing and read it as audience in order to understand how the ideas will be shown to the audiences when they read.
  1. Murray means by the “content”, “form and structure”, “language” is that any writer has to have a meaning, or goal for his/her writing to deliver it to the audience in a complete and understood format.

Request for an absence.

Dear. Me. Adam

I am writing to request 3 days leave of absence for Maya from school, as we have arranged to attend a wedding at the other side of the country, and need considerable time to make the journey. Ordinarily we would not take Maya out of school for such a function, but we do not have anybody capable of looking after her while we are away. 

We have told Maya that she can complete any school work provided during the trip.

Mr. Alqahshi 

Everything I heard till I got home.

When I was getting down to the subway, I heard steps of many people who walking up the stairs. Train’s brake generated annoying sound. I could hear people laugh and talk, even though I was putting my headphones on. People’s voices started to disappear while my train arrived and all what I could hear was the sound of the train’s wheels. The train’s door opened and I stepped in, “stand clear of the closing doors” the man spoke from the speaker of the train. The train started to move and I was hearing a women and man conversation from my right side, “she’s going to teach in Colombia University.” The lady said. “ she probably a smart person” the man replied. After that I raised the sound of my headphones and heard music till I arrived home. 

What I Know about Genre

Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life?

  1.  Comics.
  2. Fantasy.
  3. Biography.
  4. Journalism.
  5. Narrative.
  6. Textbook.
  7. Articles.
  8.  Reviews.
  9. Texting.
  10. Emails.

Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience?

I like many genres, but my favorite are Narrative and Biography genres. Narrative genre is information about incident given in a story. As a reader this kind of genre is positively affective to me when I deal with it because telling a story that attracts my attention and simple to keep information in my mind. As a writer, it gives me more ways and space to write and feed the reader. Narrative’s audience are people who prefer stories and significant events. Biography is a narrative of a person’s life. As a writer and reader, I like this genre because It describes a person’s life in detail, which can help and show what the reader may do not know or has never experience. Also knowing about someone life, could inspire the reader a lot. Biography’s audience are people who need inspiration, instructions of things in their life and whom want to learn from others. Both Narrative and Biography genres are presented in a format or language that tells a story.

What is your understanding of the term “genre”?

I understand that genre is a tool every writer must use it before start writing. Genre is also a tool to distinguish type of writing and determine the audience of that writing.



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