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  1. Shoes.
  2. Uniform (shirts, shorts and socks).
  3. Soccer ball.
  4. Place/Field.
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Warming up.
  7. Two cards (yellow and red).


  1. Playing as two teams against each other.
  2. Playing in two 45 minute halves.
  3. Kick Off: To start the game or the second half, and after each goal, a kick off is taken from the center circle.
  4.  Score goals as much as you can to win the game.

Skills needed:

  1. Passing.
  2. Dribbling.
  3. Controlling.
  4. Heading.


  • Do not play roughly.
  • Avoid touching the ball with hands (except the Goalkeeper).
  • Avoid getting a Yellow or Red Card.


  • Builds fitness.
  • Builds strength and flexibility.
  • Increases muscle and bone strength.
  • Improved health.
  • Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Win trophys.


Navigating Genres

As stated in the previous article “Navigating Genres” by Dirk, that Facebook posts as kind of genre, I personally used to post and write comments or texts a lot on that site and that was before six years ago as I remember. However I rarely write on Facebook these days. That is due to the change and evolution of Facebook to a platform used by most of the world’s population and interact with it in a new way every day which made Facebook an official thing between people. I used to be active and write on Facebook when I wasn’t worried about if someone will read my comments or posts because it wasn’t something official for me.
Perhaps age may be a cause of differing opinions and therefore writing anything on Facebook may not mean anything to the attention of people who are at a different age from the writer. But age is not always the only reason. Culture and education could be important in differing opinions. Sometimes writing from a person at small age would be like writing of a person at old age and vice versa.

My favorite title is “Study: Alligators Dangerous No Matter How Drunk You Are”

What I always care about during writing is how to make what I write is something effective to the readers and how to keep them engaged with what I’m writing.

Shitty First Drafts

When I write, I usually do write one draft. That first draft will be written on a piece of papier and to review it I typed it on my laptop. While I type the first draft, I notice how many things need to be fixed and clear. What I need to change is to write more than one draft before typing.

Rhetorical analysis

In the article “Backpacks vs. Briefcases: Steps toward Rhetorical Analysis” by Carroll, many informations were completely new to my mind and never thought about them. Even though I know myself that I always do analysis such as, on people, things or places, all what was mentioned about rhetorical analysis, was fully explained to me new knowledge. On this article, it demonstrated how rhetorical analysis is dependent upon several things we need to know about, which they are Context, Exigence, Audience and Constraints. Also the needed of a methods to analysis anything, clarified to me the way that I will look through what I am analyzing. Logos, pathos and ethos, helped me to understand how rhetor delivers his/her requirements. From now on I will be more focusing on what I am going to analyze or even when watching or reading.

My Influences

A) Books and movies that I have been engaging with in the last year:


  1. Girl In Translation. By Jean Kwok.
  2. Divergent. By Veronica Roth.
  3. The River Reader.


  1. West Side Story.
  2. The Pursuit of Happiness.
  3. Groundhog Day.

B) Movies and Manga that have most shaped me as a person.

  1. Naruto.
  2. Divergent.
  3. The Message.

My Fears & How I Overcome of Them

When it is the time to be in front of the others (audience) and all attention to me, then that will be fearful to me. Insects, their weird skin is nauseous and scare me too not all of them but most of them.

In case I overcome my panic, I imagine my presence in every scene of my fears.



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