Author: Chloe white

The violin

Chloe white

  1. 1121 -D439

Genre: poem

You are made of wood

You are light as a feather

You are beautiful

When you play together with your partner

You sound magnificent.

Your partner is long and sturdy

And has lots of horse hair

And before you guys begin your melody

You must be tuned while your partner must be loosened,

You guys were meant for eachother

You guys work well together

Your partner the bow and yourself,

The violin.

Freedom Essay

Chloe White
ENG 1121 – D439

Prof. Schmerler



“Free to be Me”


I am a young women, and I also happen to be black, and because of the color of my skin, not just me but everyone else who share the same color I do aren’t treated the way we want to be treated. But, that’s not what I will be talking about. I’m not gonna talk about race and freedom, I’m going to talk about myself. Something my mom, grandma,aunts and uncles don’t know about, my sexuality.


When I think of freedom, I think of being able to do things that others wish they could do. People have more freedom than others, as for me my freedom is controlled by my parents and religion. Now growing up as a Jehovah witness I was restricted from doing what other kids got to do, I couldn’t celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and thanksgiving. I couldn’t even celebrate my own birthday, it wasn’t a special day, it was just a regular day, but because I was a child then I coped with it because I had to listen to my parents.  But as I got older I realized why I never really felt attracted to guys it was because I was gay, but living in a household where my mom constantly says how disgusting gays are especially when it shows on tv even though she has gay friends it is hard for me to be myself. And because I live under my moms boyfriends roof I’m not free to be who I am because of them. Therefore I am not entirely free, I can’t choose a certain hairstyle I want, I can’t dress the way I want to, it’s not because they tell me not to it’s because they don’t know my secret and one thing can send red flags to my mother and her boyfriend. So because I am not free to be who I am I am not happy.

Being black I don’t have freedom because of the color of my skin, but even if the world today fully accept black people and we have our freedom, I wouldn’t be free because of who I am and what I like.