Author: Steven K Marshall

Comment Section ‘ Recipe for Basic Sculpture”


I Followed Steven’s recipe for sculpture to like.. the EXACT detail. I found a picture of this dog i thought it was cute, so i decided to follow his instructions. It came out NOTHING like it was supposed to. The instructions were not exact, and i think certain parts need clarification. I’m only giving it one star because my girlfriend could tell it was a dog by looking at it. Save your time, look elsewhere for this info.

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Recipe for Basic Sculpture


  • Clay, or otherwise pliable material.
  • An idea of an end product.
  • Tools for shaping, Hands in a pinch.
  • photographs or drawings, for reference.


**Take time to view you reference material. In this particular case, let’s say we wish to sculpt a dog. A simple, no frills dog.**

  1. Examine Your drawing, or photograph. At this point, we are looking to break down the many shapes that make up the dog. Take the shapes to their most basic form. The head of the dog becomes a sphere; The body and legs,  cylinders of various size.
  2. Roll out and shape your clay to fit the various sizes and elemental shapes of the dog.
  3. Arrange your pieces in groups, and ensure you have fabricated the appropriate amount of each element.
  4. Starting with your body cylinder,  join the head to one end, smooth the clay between to join.
  5.  Affix the 4 legs, one by one, to the underside of the cylinder (below head). Smooth attached end in a fashion similar to head.
  6. Attach tail to the other end on the opposite side of head.
  7. Marvel at your geometric pet.