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I Followed Steven’s recipe for sculpture to like.. the EXACT detail. I found a picture of this dog i thought it was cute, so i decided to follow his instructions. It came out NOTHING like it was supposed to. The instructions were not exact, and i think certain parts need clarification. I’m only giving it one star because my girlfriend could tell it was a dog by looking at it. Save your time, look elsewhere for this info.

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  1. Steven K Marshall

    I agree. He had the basics down though I would have taken it further. Once you have your basic elements down ( cylinder, sphere), you need to add details. Use additional clay to define areas such as ears. Take little pieces of clay and build out your forms, such as the knee caps, and snout. A tooth pick should work to map out where your eyes should go. Also, using the edge of the toothpick, create strokes along the whole piece to give it a furry texture. Should look more like a dog.. hope this helps : /

  2. Steven K Marshall

    Made this for my son’s birthday, he absolutely adores it!
    Took about an hour to make, but so worth it! Will make again!

  3. Steven K Marshall

    I CAN’T STOP!!
    There are about 1,000 clay dogs in my apartment. I’m hooked
    …brb….. 1,001… send help.


  4. Ddiaz10

    Thanks for the instructions. My daughter loves the dog we made. I have a question would I do the same shape of head to make a kitty??

    • Steven K Marshall

      Hi Diane-
      The Shape would be similar for a cat. I would say that you would benefit from triangular ears, and a thicker tail!
      So glad your daughter likes it!

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