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Avenues to Freedom – Revised






According to the Internet, Freedom is “the power or right to act, speak, or think as one feels without hindrance or restraint.” Also, state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Coming from one type of life to another, life can be phased in different ways.  Life itself is filled with varying situations. One can face these situations at any given point in their life which would require them to make decisions.  Decision is conclusion or resolution someone makes after considering a situation.

We all have to make decisions in our lives that might be tough or easy.  Some people make decisions that can make them or break them.  In other words, it can either cause a person to become important in life, or it can cost a person his or her life.  As I look at the word freedom and studied its meaning, these words; self-determination, independence, self-government, liberty, and emancipated, gave me a clearer understanding of why some of our activists that made history.

Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for one thing that was common, and that is “Freedom”. They believed in equal human rights among races in America.¬† Malcom X had his own way of fighting for that freedom.¬† He challenged the mainstream civil-rights movement, which sparked hate between him and others which developed into a violence. ¬†On the other hand, Martin Luther King used the strategy of non-violence and boycotts in order to get equality among races.

Going back even further in our history, Frederick Douglass had one thing in common with Malcom- X which was educating himself through reading and writing.  Motivation is the reason one has the desire for acting or behaving in a particular way.  Also, the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.  Both, Malcom X and Frederick Douglas had a rough start in the early part of their lives.  They did not let that prevent them from achieving their goals in life.

Confinement can be both mental and physical because it deals with the present state a person is in. This state could be mental or physical.  As I read the article on Malcom X, I understood that he was in a state of confinement mentally and physically.   He was imprisoned, so at is a state of confinement.  No freedom to do as he might have wanted to, no freedom to go where he might have liked to go and no freedom to maybe speak the way he wanted to speak.

On the other hand, Malcom X found strength and freedom in reading books.  In books, he found a new life because he learned so much that a brand new world began to open up before his eyes.  While being confined to a jail cell for most hours daily, Malcom X, became fascinated with learning all he could.  He kept reading and educating himself.

After reading this article about Malcom X, I felt encouraged and motivated by it. I was really motivated by this article. ¬†A few years ago, I read a short story about Malcom X, this article covered one of the main parts of his life.¬† I asked myself,‚Äô have I ever self-taught myself anything in my life?‚Äô¬† The answer to this question is “Yes”.¬† Learning to play the Steel Pan. The steel pan is a National instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. This instrument can be easy for some and difficult for others.

I was taught the basics, I played with some small musical steel-bands, and even had some private lessons; but little did I know, that one day I would be arranging songs all by myself, and play them at small functions.   Also, remember that someone was having a function and wanted the steel pan music to be a part of this function.  They asked me to listen to two songs from a CD and arrange the music for these two particular song, to play at this function as a tribute to the person that was being honored.

I listened and listened to the music, over and over and practiced the sounds over and over, until I got the final product of what I was working on.  In addition, give the give music notes to another friend that helped back me up for this event.  This made me proud.  I felt a sense of achievement.  Looking back, I did not know that I could have actually accomplished what I did all by myself.  I felt free. This feeling of happiness is freedom.

There are some things in life that seem simple for others while on the other hand these same things appear difficult might be difficult for others.  As for me, even if I accomplished playing the steel pan, there are still many who are greater in arranging music and distributing music to different sections of a steel band.  A full steel band can have about seven sections. The names of these sections are: Tenors, Double Tenors, Double Seconds, Guitar, Cello, Tenor Bass, and Bass.  I played the Tenor pan.  Playing some of these pans for some sections can be difficult.

For me, playing a Tenor pan is not difficult, but can become difficult according to the amount of music that must be learned in a short space of time.  Also, for competitions like Panorama, the steel bands usually play at a certain speed, and tempo to get the sound the arranger wants to hear.  This is when it becomes a difficult thing to do. Trying out different things is something I enjoy doing.  Challenging myself by trying, out things even if a task seems difficult is worth the effort.


Genre Writing








An example of the genre I chose to write in is: Non-Fiction Narration about the Steelpan.

An analysis of this genre is:

Myself.  Nadia Douglas, that will be writing about this non-fiction genre.  My audience will be the professor and or my fellow classmates.  The kind of community that has invested in or impacted by this writing is Pan Trinbago Inc. Pan Trinbago is union base organization form by the government of Trinidad and Tobago for working closely with musicians across the countries that are involve in the steelpan, all over the globe. Pan Trinbago are the ones who hosts most of the competitions Internationally and pay the players and or the Captain of the Steel band for their attendance and well-arranged song of choice.


Some key vocabulary or language that I might find that are common in this form of writing are: organization, incorporated, promotion, labor, steel band, musical, and group.  In this sort of genre, Pan Trinbago can effectively write to its audience and tell of the good things they are doing for the steel bands, and the communities, and the way in which they can help steel bands along the way.  They might have some by laws that they might operate by and some disciplinary act the Bands must follow when preparing for or entering a competition. Some of these things’ listings can sound appealing to a reader and cause them to either join the group or join a steel band.


I chose to write about the Steel Pan.  I play the steel pan.  I have a little skill in playing and my interest is to learn more about it, its history, and to become a better player.

Listening Assignment 1st Attempt

Got to the subway between 8:45 and 9:00 pm.

My report is based on what I actually heard. With this exercise, I tried to capture as much sound as possible, instead of trying to analyze more of what the people is actually taking about.

A man singing – word-¬† I just don’t understand. People talking – Train whisking by, screeching wheels, door opening – Stand clear – Next Stop is: Bergen street.¬† Doors shot, screeching, siren- buzzer, snack bags rattling, Train approaching, Train slowing down, screeches- another train approaching -sounds.- A little further, train leaving¬† station. People talking -Feet Walking – shoes dragging of the ground. Train approaches screeches of the brakes – announcements.¬† Stand clear – door closes¬† – brakes¬† screeches-¬† Man talking with heavy voice – Curse words.. or profanity uses of words [*********]. Bottle cap open- profanity – music playing – people talking – coughing – radio playing music from a boom box – it sounds like Spanish music playing loudly from¬† a cell phone – People laughing – man sniffing – throat clearing.¬† Train conductor reporting – any police officer on the train please report to the¬† conductor.¬† Step in and stand for the closing doors please.¬† wheels scraping against the tracks- air conditioner blowing – Train passing- coughs – loud video playing from a C.D player.

What kind of color you would like someone to identify or remember you?

I would like to be remembered for the colors of nature. This color can be more of a bright rich,¬† –¬†¬† grassy,¬† bloomy,¬† happy and free feel.¬† Things like ice-cream – pistachio, rum – nut, rum and raisin,¬† coconut, and Guinness flavors are tasty desserts I would like to be remembered for.¬† I would like be remembered for my smile – nature – and constructiveness.¬† Favorite food – drinks – peanut smoothies made with bananas and oatmeal.¬† Roti and Pelau which is a type of food from Trinidad and Tobago.

What skills do I have? РThat skill is playing the steel pan.  I play the steel pan at church concerts or other special functions.


My name is Nadia Douglas. I had a great day today.¬† I teach little children between ages 2 and 5 years old.¬† I reminded myself that today is going to be day one of school.¬† I did not make any arrangements with any other co-worker to hold on for me in my classroom, so I told myself that I would be late for class on my first day.¬† I left my job at 6′ O Clock.¬† My¬† class starts at 6’O clock.¬† ¬†Sometimes I¬† drive to school, but today I decided to¬† leave my car at school where I work and take a train.¬† I was glad when I made that decided because it did cut down on some time while trying to get here.¬† Usually it takes about 15 mins by train.

About myself and what I am doing

My name is Nadia Douglas.  I consider myself to be a no- none-sense person.  I like honest people.  I get along with people fine.  I try to make the people around me laugh and to be comfortable.

Seven ago I graduated with my Associates Degree in Computer Technology and Networking.  After having my daughter who is now 3 yrs old, I have not  returned to college..  Three years passed by  and I have not done anything pertaining to my school.  I have decided to complete my degree so that I can get a little raise in my salary, on my present job.

I work as an Assistant Teacher in an Educational Center/ Dare Care.   I teach children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.  I use to work in the infant department at another center of the same company  of job, but was moved to working with the older children.

Children are amazing.¬† You learn of a lot of different personalities¬† and traits each child has.¬† Each child is unique in his or her own way.¬† Hopefully in the near future, I might move on to teach older¬† children.¬† I am presently working on some of my teaching credentials on the side of my “CST”- Computer System Technology major.

I read things that interest me such as the newspapers, christian books, Novels and flyers.  Working as an Assistant Teacher in my school can be influential because there are a number of different things that  I can learn on a daily basis and a number of things I have to keep in mind to do in order to fulfill ASC and Department  of Health standardize rules and regulations; even the Department of Education.


Genre: Children’s Literature/ Poetry/ Fiction/ Picture Book


Authors: Bill Martin, Jr; and John Archambault,

Published by:  Simon and Schuster in 1989

Page count: 36

Anthropomorphism Letters


This book is written about the letters of the alphabet.  It was written using a rhythmic style.  Its as if you are singing or chanting a song.  Based on the rhythmic  style, causes you to remember most of the story line or even easy recital without looking at all the  words in the book.

The letters of the alphabet raced  each other up a coconut tree, but unfortunately the tree could not hold all of their weight,  started to bend and the alphabet letters fell off the tree just like people and got cuts and bruises.

The letters of the Alphabet¬† cried for their mommy’s and daddy’s; their uncle’s and aunt’s; and their grandma’s and grandpa’s, just like human do.¬† But¬† after all, the letter “A” , just as a little child still did not learn his/her lesson, began to go back up the coconut tree and dare the others to race him/her.



COURSE: Main Course, Entrée

CUISINE: Trinidad and Tobago

KEYWORD: Steel Pan

AUTHOR: Nadia Douglas

INGREDIENTS: Oil Drums, High quality Steel, Heat – (Fire), Wood (to make sticks), Rubber – (for sticks).

Hammers – (sinking sledge-hammer) or shot-put; Protective gloves; Something to protect your ears form the noise; Ruler and pencil – to mark sinking circles; A compass – to make circles

Backing sledge-hammer; soothing hammer with a soft plastic head

Flexible ruler- to measure the note along the surface and the rim; Note templates; Pen, preferably an overhead marker to stick to the drum surface

Nail Punch; Grooving hammer

Marking stick or ruler; Electric hacksaw or cutlass; Chisel Plate shears and file – for trimming

Fireplace of some kind; Clock – for timing; Brush, soap and water – to clean the pan

Tuning hammers; Bending iron and a cutlass – to raise the outer notes, or Wooden wedges – specially shaped to raise the outer notes; Wooden stick to raise the notes of basses. Tuning stick; Padded stand or a truck tire – to put the pan on while tuning; A tuned instrument – as reference while tuning; Electronic tuning device – for fine tuning; A sticky or magnetic sheet – to damp interfering notes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Take an oil drum. Turn it upside down РOpen end facing downward, on the ground. Pound the bottom of the oil drum till its indented like a bowl. Concavity shape and depth depends on the type of  steel pan being made.  Use a template to cut out the shape of the notes on the pan, outlining it with a pencil or chalk or other similar marking material.  Use special hammer to flattened in-between  notes outlined.  Indent   the outline notes (grooving).   A Nail is used to indent or grove around the notes with a grooving hammer.  The skirt of the steel pan is measured and cut out using and electric hacksaw or cutlass or chisel.  Unwanted pieces may be removed.  The length of the skirt depends of the type of steel pan being made.  Rapid Tempering is done in order to hold the notes for a longer period of time.  The steel pan is placed faced downward and is heated until the notes turned a bluish color.  You can cool the pan by throwing cold water on it or it can be left to cool on it own.   After the pan is cooled, you use the special hammers for tuning by pounding on both sides of the notes simultaneously and until the correct pitch is formed by using an electric tuning device.  A protective finish coating is done (chroming) to prevent from rusting.

My Reflections-Final Portfolio

‚ÄúMy Journey‚ÄĚ Including my Narrative as a Student in English Class this Semester.

Submitted by: Nadia Douglas in lieu of Final Exam, ENG 1121

Section #: E106

Date: 5/20/2019


Dear Professor,

My Journey as a student is to complete my degree.¬† I felt like I wasted some years as to completing my degree.¬† I think that I should have already finish this degree and maybe started another area of study.¬† Write now I am completing a CST ‚Äď Computer System Technology degree course, which I started in 2012.¬† Right now, I have less than 5 classes to complete this major course. There was a three-year gap since I haven‚Äôt been to school or have taken any classes.¬† I gave birth to a beautiful daughter.¬† I started back classes at City Tech in the Fall of 2018. This is my second semester since I have been back from that long break. I took one class previous semester, and so am I this semester.¬† I am also expecting my second baby soon, but this time nothing is going to stop me. I made up my mind that I must complete my bachelor‚Äôs degree no matter what.

There are some challenges that I face.  One of them are time.  Time to be in school on a regular basis.  Time to be able to do more than just one class per semester.  Time to make the friends or to group up with friends to discuss work materials and papers that are due or just time to get the extra help I may need to help me pass a class.  I think that I am coping fine for now.  I am managing my time.  I am making the time to be at school even if taking one class at a time.  I will soon reach the end of my journey as a student at City Tech.

Right now, I am focusing on completing this (ENG 1121) English Composition 2 class that I am in by getting a good grade. Another challenge(s) that I have is in this class.  One of them is writing with constraints and another is having to prepare a research inquiry, then to get that research inquire on some sort of digital media recording done, then to have it posted to YouTube privately, then to send a link to my professor to view.  How can I forget this other challenge?  Genre and Rhetoric’s.  I think this was one of my biggest struggles in this class.

Genre is a topic I have not given much thought of as I go about my everyday life.¬† After reading an article by Kerry Dirk ‚Äď Navigating Genres, I begin to understand that having my own style in writing can contribute to a type of genre that might capture someone‚Äôs attention.¬† Also, the effective way I choose to use rhetorically in my essay writing. ¬†As for now, I cannot say if I have achieved anything.¬† I think working well in class is completing your assignments and having satisfactory markings by your professor.

I need to make a little more time to achieve what this class is expecting of me.  I also need to read more. Coming to this class held my interest a little bit.  I did look forward to coming to class, to see what new thing we would do.  Our Professor always comes up with some sort of challenging class assignment, for us to do in which we are timed.  I like the way she plays different genres of music according to our given assignment. This method helps us, I guess to think and be able to write at least a paragraph to a page, rather than being stock in the assignment. It causes us to flow.

I think timing our assignment was a food thing because it causes you to think harder and a little more in depth.  I also thing by doing these timed assignments allows you to complete something like a first draft.  It is like the brain-storming part of what we need to do, and later developed for a grade.

Reading articles like Genre Writing Awareness, Rhetorical Analysis, and Shitty First Drafts, did open some awareness for me, and caused me to understand a little more about the different types of writing and how many times we should rewrite, to have a polished assignment.  Creating a Recipe of our own I think was also a great idea.  This exercise allowed me to think.  Starting off the semester writing about freedom was a good thing we had done.  Having to be able to improve our grade is also another good thing you professor Schmerler have granted to us.

Yours Truly,



____________     5/20/2019

Nadia Douglas


10 Genres that I encounter everyday are:

Surfing Internet, Texting, Writing Compositions, Newspaper, Magazine, Children Books, Recipes, Coloring, Eating, Travelling.

Name one or two that I like best and say why?
Answer: One of the things that I like best is: Reading books to the toddlers at my Day Care daily. It makes them happy and it makes me happy to see that they really enjoys story-time. Another thing I like best is: Looking at Recipes. By looking at recipes , gives me cooking ideas, and encourages me to try new things.

Who is their audience?
The toddlers in my classroom are my audience when I read story books for them.

When I read the recipes to myself, that means I am my own audience.

What sort of language do they use?
Answer: Concise, Precise, Formal, Specific.

What is your understanding of the term “genre”?
I understand that “genre” is a type or form of writing. Examples Movies, Dictionary, Magazine, Romance, Play station games, Music etc.

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