Authors: Bill Martin, Jr; and John Archambault,

Published by:  Simon and Schuster in 1989

Page count: 36

Anthropomorphism Letters


This book is written about the letters of the alphabet.  It was written using a rhythmic style.  Its as if you are singing or chanting a song.  Based on the rhythmic  style, causes you to remember most of the story line or even easy recital without looking at all the  words in the book.

The letters of the alphabet raced  each other up a coconut tree, but unfortunately the tree could not hold all of their weight,  started to bend and the alphabet letters fell off the tree just like people and got cuts and bruises.

The letters of the Alphabet  cried for their mommy’s and daddy’s; their uncle’s and aunt’s; and their grandma’s and grandpa’s, just like human do.  But  after all, the letter “A” , just as a little child still did not learn his/her lesson, began to go back up the coconut tree and dare the others to race him/her.