Author: Serena Ngai

Finding Freedom

Serena Ngai

English 1121-D439

Professor Schmerler


The Freedom of Sleep

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. So how exactly do you find freedom? In our society, we are all constantly being restrained by rules placed amongst ourselves that when these restraints are finally removed, we don’t know what to do to make us feel free. To some people, they find their freedom in doing the things that they like to do like sports, reading, playing games, etc. Although we are freeing ourselves from our daily lives by doing these activities, I feel that rather than that, my way of finding freedom is much simpler yet also more complicated. To me, I am able to find my freedom through sleep, more specifically when I’m dreaming.

So you may be thinking that it may be weird that I find sleeping as a way of freedom but why not? I’m not being restrained or hindered and not only that, I don’t even need to think anything when I’m sleeping! I just relax my mind and let it take me to my dreaming land so to speak. To me, that is the best way to find freedom because basically, the definition of freedom is really the same as saying to relax and do what you want to do. The best way for me to relax is sleeping and it’s what I love to do. Some people would probably say that they need to do something active when their resting or else they’ll feel lazy but guess what? That’s the point, I am lazy and the thing lazy people love to do the most is sleeping and escape from reality. Therefore, it is the most effective way of finding my freedom.

Sure, I didn’t have to choose sleep as my way of finding freedom and decide on some other activity but let me ask you this, are you allowed to do whatever you want in the activities that you participate in? In most cases, the answer is no. Even when playing a sport that you like or playing an online videogame, there are these rules or instructions that you have to follow or else it would be considered cheating. In my opinion, I feel that if you choose to do these activities, although you are able to find joy in doing them, you’re unconsciously trying to find something to restrain yourself. We are constantly living in a society where we are tied down by restraints that if it were to suddenly be removed, we unconsciously try to find something to tie us down. At least that is how I feel because whenever I’m playing my videogames, I feel restrained when I’m not able to do something and constantly get a headache over it. There is a reason why I like cheat codes and although I like the satisfaction of solving things on my own, I’ll take it if I’m ever given a cheat code. That’s why I prefer to sleep because I don’t need to worry about such problems and let myself go with the flow and have a nice dream.

Finding your own freedom is something you yourself are able to know. Just like how mine is getting a good nap are or a good nights rest, yours can be completely different. Having freedom is a good feeling and it’ll be nice if you are able to find your own.

Fear and Cure


I have lots of fears, but if I had to choose, it would be the fear of insects. I see one, I freeze, then scared, then run and leave. I don’t want to be near them, but insects seem to be there when I least want them. I can kill them…but I don’t want to touch them. I can feel them even in the dark and when I eat…I can’t stand them.


No cure, I give up. See one vermin or near one, my answer, I run away.