Author: Zara Jaborova

Final Portfolio


Remix Culture of Digital Music ( Modern society genre)

                When I was a child, I had a phase where electronic dance music would be the only thing I would listen to. Seeing how my love for this music grew more by day, I myself, decided to make my first track, using a website called “Soundation” that allowed users to make music by providing them with a digital keyboard to tap on, along with a list of sample sounds to choose from. After hearing my finished product, I didn’t dare to listen to that monstrosity ever again. Making music isn’t easy, and it takes more than just time to make. Today’s music is widely listened to, and savored by the world, known as digital music. Digital music has always been discriminated against because of how the genre is created through sampling from other songs, which many music listeners claim to be unoriginal. Through the years, digital music has continued to become more popular than ever however, the creation of this genre remains to be unacknowledged and misunderstood, where many music listeners continue to believe that there is no creativity or required skill associated with it. 
                   Let me first define what digital music really is. Nowadays, people usually hear a generic EDM song go off of their car radio, consisting of vocals that is paired with a catchy synth tune, transitioning to a drop. Parts of the song such as the drums may actually be samples used in another song. That may go for the kicks, snares, claps, hats, which is applied for the melody as well. Sampling is the tool that current music utilizes, it could be an old jazz piece from the 1920’s or maybe a funk tune from the 1970’s. Digital music as well all know, can be streamed or downloaded as an audio file for consumers and artists for their own use. According to “An Experimental and Analytical Study of On-Line Digital Music Sampling Strategies”, it states “With the advent of MP3 files, wider bandwidths, and peer-to-peer technology, a new vista is available for the online distribution of informational goods” (Dewan 1). In other words, due to the world’s technological upgrades, the music market has been altered in a way where it has become more convenient for consumers and artists to stay connected to music as a community. Newly released digital music tends to be shared through online platforms such as Soundcloud or Spotify which allows any artist to gain popularity and have their music heard through the media.  

                Music with machines is essentially the translation for the electronic music genre, where you’re composing with the computer. The Roland MC 303 Groovebox is a music machine that was utilized in the early 1980’s. The machine was able to produce rhythms, melodies, and realistic drum sounds, it essentially served as the foundation of electronic music. Sampling took a important role within this machine, because it would take whatever that was recorded and it would then create a new form of sound with the sample. I strongly agree that “music and sound circulate as a network of recorded entities detached from the specificity of time, place and authorship, and all has become raw material for the DJ’s art” as stated in “The Polyvalent Discourse of Electronic Music” (Saiber 1620), a point that needs emphasizing because people  tend to believe sampling is a lazy act, when it’s a gadget used to enhance and refine the art of music. A spot-on example that relies on sampling methods would be one of my all times favorite genres, lo-fi music. This sub-genre takes old jazz, piano melodies, any instrumental piece and matches it with a slow beat, giving it a hip hop jazz style. Hence the name, lo-fi which stands for low fidelity, the music quality is specifically lowered to mimic that old nostalgic style of the past, which gives its own place to stand. Remix culture can bring out old, outdated music for the new generation to have a feel for, turning something from the past to a modern, fresh track.  

             Sampling in digital music isn’t necessarily unskilled act to do nor is it uncreative. Sampling within the remix culture serves as a tool that opens lots of opportunities to become creative with the resources that we have. Not everyone can create digital music, it is a skill that requires honing. Some that are part of the music community may state that remixing, sampling, simply reusing old sounds for your music involves zero creativity which is unacceptable for me to believe due to my experience with music creation. However, it is true that the level of creativity does depend on the producer and their ideas. As expected from the extensiveness of music, there are no limitations placed on the creation of it regardless of genres out there. Music is formed by innovation and innovation is reformed by technocracy.

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Accounting Journal (My genre)

On March 6, Limerick Corporation issued for cash 15,000 shares no-par common stock at $30, on April 13, Limerick issued at par 1,000 shares of preferred 4% stock, $40 par cash. On May 19, Limerick issued for cash 15,000 shares of 4%, $40 par preferred stock at $42. Journalize the entries to record the March 6, April 13, and May 19 transaction.


Donald Murray: Internal Revision: A Process of Discovery

1)Writing is another word for rewriting. The main purpose of rewriting is that it builds your writing skills stronger.There is no such a mistake in writing, each writing have unlimited that means there is no score, yet you write for better.In addition there are many opportunities and strengthen you gain from your writing.

2) Donald Murray means that “discovery” is used by creative in writing where a writers discovers ideas while writing and “ignorance” is were also writers makes progress from their lack of knowledge in writing.

3)Process is improtant  in life and we should seek to build high quality products with focus and efficiency. The product and process approaches originally appeared in education as different strategies for approach in writing.

4) External revision involves the processes which are tough in the classroom such ads proofread, editing and etc. Internal revision is a process which Murray finds to be normal overlooked by writers. It involves the process of looking over what you wrote to improve form language, context and voice.

5) The writers of such drafts must be their own best enemy. They must accept the criticism of others and be suspicious of it; they must accept the praise of others and be even more suspicious of it. They cannot depend on others.



1 pound of Kimchi

1/2 half pound of pork belly

green onions

teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons sugar

2 teaspoons gochugaru (Korean hot pepper flakes)

1 tablespoon gochujang (hot pepper paste)

1 tablespoon gochujang (hot pepper paste)

2 cups of anchovy stock


7 large dried anchovies, heads and guts removed

⅓ cup Korean radish (or daikon radish), sliced thinly

4 x 5 inch dried kelp

Add the water and boil for 20 minutes over medium high heat


Zara( Fear assignment)


Death is  biggest fear i have and its difficult for youth individual to think about it each single moment. i recall it as ” Thanophabia”. I am especially afraid of dying in painful way. Before sleeping in my bed at 12am at midnight  I bless my lord that is alive an living with my family. Suddenly i hear some whisper hits me in head . Like  devil has come inside be and take away my lightness and turns it around to darkness . I am scared from  now on  and in future that death will step close to me someday.


we have to face it because we all die someday .