Author: Caitlin

Response to “Navigating Genres”

I don’t post on Facebook as much as I used to as a kid. To me you shouldn’t put all of your troubles out on Facebook because 1. people are disrespectful and may say something you wont like and 2. people don’t want to know all about your business. I have seen a lot of good things and bad things out on Facebook like heartwarming videos of an marine surprising his family, I have seen bullying , scary and horrifying videos and photos such as MOMO. I the one rule I keep in my head is to be blunt with people because that’s my honest truth.

Response to “Shitty First Draft”

I do not write down draft, up draft, and dental draft. I only do two papers I write my first one then I ask one of my friends to edit my paper for me and then I rewrite my paper and I hand it in to the teacher. I don’t see the point of writing three papers where anybody can find a mistake. I don’t see the point in it because its a waste of paper, which its killing the trees which we kind of need for oxygen. I wasn’t surprise about her title because to me all draft’s are shitty they aren’t meant to be perfect.

My shelf/My Influencers

TV Shows

  1. Friends
  2. Glee


  1. The Wizard Of Oz
  2. The Harry Potter Series


  1. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by: Jenny Han
  2. The Daughters series by: Joanna Philbin

friends thought me how a group of people can be so different and all get along and love one another like a family. The show showed that its okay to be different because everyone will still love you for who you are and who you want to be. Glee was a show of 12 different people get along and not get along but still count each other as family. Glee has helped me to embrace myself and thats it okay to be different because people still around you will still care and love you no matter what you want to do with your life. These two shows play a huge part in my life because I have a group of friends that I count as my family because we get along and sometimes not get along but still love one another like we are brothers and sisters.  The Wizard Of Oz was and still is my favorite childhood movie I would always watch it sin along to somewhere over the rainbow. You get to know each of the characters like Dorothy is a little girl from Kansas who has a dog named toto, scarecrow has no brain but he is smart but he doesn’t even know it, tin man has no heart but he shows that cares and looks out for Dorothy when they go into the forest, cowardly lion has no courage because he is faring that he is not brave enough to be king of the forest. everyone can relate to maybe all three or one of the three characters. Harry Potter will and always going to be my favorite movie and book series. I first read harry potter in middle school and feel in love with the characters.

Fears and Cures

Death will visit me sometime in life. I dream he will not come and leave me be. In time i will ask him to choose me but not now. I never want death to come and choose me because i want to live life to the fullest.  Death is a fear I have because death haunts me in different directions in life. It’s like death knows these directions  to mess with me while these nightmares freak me out. These nightmares freaks me out because I cant see death.

Cures: you cant run away from death it’s uncontrollable

How you got to school today without using the word the