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This thing is divine. Supreme.  Omnipresent. Omniscient. Beautiful. Amazing.  Wonderful. Peaceful and Powerful.   This thing is the Creator.  This thing giveth life and can taketh life.  This things has an awesome presence — A presence  you can experience only if you take the time to get to know about it — Time spent with it will be worth the while.  Spiritually i  am affected when I fail to do my part.

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1.How did you feel about the Constraint Writing assignment when you first got it — and how did you feel after you completed it? How did you feel after the second time you wrote with constraint, and the third — did it get easier?
The constraint assignment was tough for me at first, but it was keeping challenge myself to enjoyed it. The second and third time I wrote using constraints was easier than the first time and felt like I could get it and write better because I wasn’t as depressed as the first time and in felt more comfortable to do it when I did it the second time and the third time.
2. What did you observe about the way this exercise made you write? What did you observe about the way it made you think (see below)?
2A. What were some of the ways in which writing with constraints made you
Adapt — Mentally, and Physically?
I observed that this practice made me write out of the format that I usually do when doing school work.
3. Could you look to the future, and say how you might Adapt what just happened in this assignment to other situations in which you find yourself writing in other classes?
If I were to write an essay about something, I didn’t agree with but had to agree with it I would conform and find what I do agree with the essay and keep my thought the same.
4. Of course, writing with constraints is difficult. Now, please talk about your own longstanding, personal writing issues: what other difficulties do you notice in your writing? Please reflect upon any habitual issues you notice in general: for instance, grammatical issues, punctuation issues, paragraph structure…
I have hardness with to start the sentence and punctuation because sometimes I be punctuation it right but I write it different . Sometimes have hard time with paragraph structure like what should I start writing in the top of the paragraph and I have trouble how to end the paragraph however it’s only like I feel that way if the assignment I’m not to enjoying in it or when I doubt myself that I’m doing it right.

My Shelf


Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

The girl who fell from the sky by Heids W.Durrow

Movies/TV Show

12 years a slave.

Crazy rice asian.


Marvels the punisher.


Kolay Olmayacak by Sezen Asku.

Callin you by Outlandish.

Kalbimin Tel Sahsbine by Irem Derici.


UNIT-1 Reflection-Spring-2019

UNIT 1 Posts are Now Complete

The Prompts and Posts to Open Lab that comprised our low-stakes assignments for UNIT 1 were as follows:

Lipogram without “the

Prisoner Lipogram without descending letters on the topic of “fear

Prisoner Lipogram without ascending letters on the topic of “cure

Your Shelf (list) of Influences

Reflection on Assigned readings by author Laura Carroll “Backpacks v. Briefcases”

Reflection on Assigned reading by author Nelson Graff “Teaching Rhetorical Analysis”

(Sections D439 and E106)


Reflection on Assigned reading by Laura  Carroll  “Backpacks v. Briefcases”

Reflection on Assigned reading: “Grammar to Get Things Done”

(Section E115)

One extra piece of free writing, e.g., “On the way to school today, an unusual thing I noticed,” etc.

Reflection on writing with constraint thus far (Section D439 only, handwritten or posted)

Backpacks vs. Briefcases

The text Backpacks vs. Briefcases discusses the importance of rhetorical analysis and explains how rhetoric is utilized to make informed decisions and conclusions in everyday occurrences. The text also states where rhetoric can be found and how to discern the different aspects of rhetoric.  Carroll writes “If we refuse to stop and think about how and why it persuades us, we can become mindless consumers ho buy into arguments.”

Group Assesments of Our Two Reading Assignments


There’s a standard written english … however there’s different dialects of english and different forms of English

Group 2: (My Group)

How do we deal with language barriers ?

-Understand basics of English
– Understanding the multiple meanings of slangs
– Ask questions in different ways if the receiver is having trouble understanding
– Reading body language to see if there might be a breakdown in communication
– Code switch
– Being aware
– Manipulate & Modify Meaning
– Lack of understanding creates language barriers and stumbles knowledge
– Be more visual
– Use repetition
– Find a language translation service

Other Group Assessments:

Group #1
Implications of Rhetoric
Social Media, Journalism- how rhetoric is a basic part of how ideas are being transferred between ppl
Step of analyzing rhetoric
Audience- helps you get a better understanding of what


Group #3


Group #4

RHETORICAL TRIANGLE- constraints, audience, and context. It is similar to the rhetorical situation, yet it asks us questions about both the writer AND the document
Descriptive grammar
Very informal
With slang and usage

My Fear.

I fear the time that will come and not see the face of Dad. That is what I fear the most. And I fear mom also taken with sickness.

How Did I Get To School.

A picture of the writing

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