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Fears and cure

Fear: My fear will have to be ending up alone because of either my personality or just being unlucky. I tend to only be around certain people because I tend to be more serious in nature and that causes people to not want to be with me. Isolation is a cruel teacher to learn from and it hardens the hearts but weakens the mind. I grew up with a single mom and when she got remarried to my first stepdad life didn’t get better for me and I had my first taste of isolation, being kept in my room as much as possible. This constant loneliness caused me to develop a very awkward personality and trouble socialization. Over time, I hope i can fix this and be someone people love to be around.

Cure: Try to be more social and learn to find people who I fit in with.

Backpack vs. Briefcases Reflection

In these enjoyable experts “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” by Laura Carroll the author tends to go over some interesting topics.  In the “Backpacks Vs. Briefcases”, the author is describing how the Rhetorical analysis has been around for so long and how society is so used to it, we often don’t realize how big of a deal it maybe.  I found myself  understanding the “Backpacks Vs. Briefcases” to the fact Carroll actually puts an image in your head right off the bat you could automatically relate to. For example, when she mentions first impressions, that’s probably the best thing I could relate to due to the fact I am guilty of doing it. They go on to talk about how it mostly impacts mostly on students.

Genre 1

Shahadat Hossain

Prof. Schmerler’s


Section D439

                                 Local Pizza Parlors vs. Chain Pizza Franchise: The Better Pizza

Pizza is one of America’s favorite food. The mouth-watering flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with anchovies, sausage slices, mushrooms, etc. originated from Gaeta, Italy in 997 AD.  In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in New York, United States of America. In the present time, there are two types of pizza joints in the US: local pizza joints and chain pizza franchises. The lingering question of which is better of the two has been a long debate.

Local pizzerias are the place to satisfy one’s hunger. Chain pizza franchise can be found in every corner of the States. On the other hand, local pizza parlors can only be found within the area, therefore, caters only a number of customers.

On the other hand, chain pizza franchise takes pride of their distinct taste in which the regular costumers go to whenever they need a pizza fix, unlike local pizza parlors where customers are uncertain as to the overall taste of their pizzas. Moreover, chain pizza franchise already had made its mark in the industry that they must uphold the name of the franchise at all times. Local pizza parlors, on the other hand, are more experimental on making artisanal pizza, which somehow, turns disastrous at times.

Local produce or ingredients are used by local pizza parlors which make them unique from other pizzerias. However, these ingredients may not be readily be available; since, some are seasonal. For this reason, local pizza parlors can be inconsistent with its menu. On the contrary, chain pizza franchise has ready and available ingredients that could last for a long time. The latter’s quality of pizza is known upon arrival.

At times, people crave for pizza at the later time of the day had only the option to order from chain pizza rather than the local pizza parlor since the former closes in the later time of the day. The availability of the pizza of the chain pizza franchise during anytime of the day gives appeal to its customers. Therefore, local pizzas have only become an option because of its accessibility.


Lastly, local pizza chains are mostly expensive since it uses fresher ingredients and are less greasy than chain pizza franchise. The profit of the local pizza parlors is also dependent on the price range of their ingredients; they rarely give discounts, unlike chain pizza franchises, which, are extravagant, to the point that they have promos such as Buy One Get One (BOGO) pizzas.

Loyal eating customers look for consistency in a product, to which case, the chain franchise can cater its customers. Chain pizza franchise deems to cater more to the customers than local pizza parlors by quality, accessibility, availability and price. Therefore, branded pizza franchise is the place in time of need.



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The Good Ol’ Days Genre

Luis Espinoza

English 1121


The Good Ol’ Days


Thinking back through all the years

How fast they have come by

I close my eyes to sing in my head

You were something that had me stuck to my bed

A raging thunderstorm

Had all my uniforms covered in stains

But the memories is all the remains


Fear- a factor

With the toughest, there you stood

Motivated to go out and lay the wood

You devoted me to hard work and dedication

That then caused me to take medication

I’ve dealt with horrible sprains

But that’s just to see those cut back lanes


Never have I thought I’d be playing

But there I was waving

Loud cheers and big hits

Boom there goes someone lit

Fear was an extreme factor

Had me looking like a deer in headlights


This intense game isn’t for everyone

But there I was on that green grass

Sharing a laugh with everyone as it was my senior year

There I was over my fear


Being captain something incomparable

Being looked up to for benching 265

There goes the little jv kids looking into my eyes


Your Shelf (list) of Influences


Things that influence me:

  • Blink 182 (band)
    • All the Small Things
    • She’s out of Her Mind
    • What’s my Age again
    • Bored to Death
  • Hollywood Undead (band)
    • Undead
    • Believe
    • Gravity
    • Undead
    • Lion
  • Bullet for my Valentine (band)
    • Tears don’t Fall
    • Tears don’t fall Part 2
    • Waking the demon
    • Your Betrayal

Prisoner Lipogram without descending letters on the topic of “fear”, ascending letters on the topic of “cure”

Restrictions of No Ascenders and Descenders

I fear to be alone, as much as I fear failure. The mind runs wild, even if there is no error, a void sucks the mind into a circular vortex. I often overthink which it does not assist, and stress even more. After some time, I live with the fear, it becomes a section of me, and I become a section of the void. Drone on and not think. Those are sub fears of the tallest fear of them all. Not to be a section, but to be a void because of fear, and not return to normal.

Company is my cure,
A caring person
Me away from me
We care

Lipogram without “the”

Story without “The”

Today I had a workshop seminar in downtown Manhattan. On my way to my second workshop, I saw my friends and a graduate from my program. They were leaving to go to a facility known as “brooklyn STEAM Center” to help prepare the rooms for class. My director, who was hiding behind a desk and told me to go with them to help. After we were done helping, we got food and waited for class. When it was time to get to class, me and a friend got an Uber to go to City Tech.


This thing is divine. Supreme.  Omnipresent. Omniscient. Beautiful. Amazing.  Wonderful. Peaceful and Powerful.   This thing is the Creator.  This thing giveth life and can taketh life.  This things has an awesome presence — A presence  you can experience only if you take the time to get to know about it — Time spent with it will be worth the while.  Spiritually i  am affected when I fail to do my part.


1.How did you feel about the Constraint Writing assignment when you first got it — and how did you feel after you completed it? How did you feel after the second time you wrote with constraint, and the third — did it get easier?
The constraint assignment was tough for me at first, but it was keeping challenge myself to enjoyed it. The second and third time I wrote using constraints was easier than the first time and felt like I could get it and write better because I wasn’t as depressed as the first time and in felt more comfortable to do it when I did it the second time and the third time.
2. What did you observe about the way this exercise made you write? What did you observe about the way it made you think (see below)?
2A. What were some of the ways in which writing with constraints made you
Adapt — Mentally, and Physically?
I observed that this practice made me write out of the format that I usually do when doing school work.
3. Could you look to the future, and say how you might Adapt what just happened in this assignment to other situations in which you find yourself writing in other classes?
If I were to write an essay about something, I didn’t agree with but had to agree with it I would conform and find what I do agree with the essay and keep my thought the same.
4. Of course, writing with constraints is difficult. Now, please talk about your own longstanding, personal writing issues: what other difficulties do you notice in your writing? Please reflect upon any habitual issues you notice in general: for instance, grammatical issues, punctuation issues, paragraph structure…
I have hardness with to start the sentence and punctuation because sometimes I be punctuation it right but I write it different . Sometimes have hard time with paragraph structure like what should I start writing in the top of the paragraph and I have trouble how to end the paragraph however it’s only like I feel that way if the assignment I’m not to enjoying in it or when I doubt myself that I’m doing it right.

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