Luis Espinoza

English 1121


The Good Ol’ Days


Thinking back through all the years

How fast they have come by

I close my eyes to sing in my head

You were something that had me stuck to my bed

A raging thunderstorm

Had all my uniforms covered in stains

But the memories is all the remains


Fear- a factor

With the toughest, there you stood

Motivated to go out and lay the wood

You devoted me to hard work and dedication

That then caused me to take medication

I’ve dealt with horrible sprains

But that’s just to see those cut back lanes


Never have I thought I’d be playing

But there I was waving

Loud cheers and big hits

Boom there goes someone lit

Fear was an extreme factor

Had me looking like a deer in headlights


This intense game isn’t for everyone

But there I was on that green grass

Sharing a laugh with everyone as it was my senior year

There I was over my fear


Being captain something incomparable

Being looked up to for benching 265

There goes the little jv kids looking into my eyes