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Final reflection

“My Journey” including my narrative as a student in English Class this semester.
Submitted by: Diane Diaz
Exam, ENG 1121
Section 106

Dear professor, as a student with english as a second language, found your class very interesting, it really got my attention. English class are never my favorite because i found it to be really hard to express myself thru writing.My Journey as a student in New York City Tech has been challenging,it is a very important piece of my future as a nurse and has not been easy , but that has make me more stronger. In this class I have learned to listen, to find myself more putting any thought i may have in that moment. I am really starting to understand myself a little more. I also learned how to listen to opinions and also put my thought without being afraid. I learned different types of genres that I can utilize in the future. I learned how to be creative and describe what really is on my mind. Recently I did not pass a very important test for the beginning of my career. I know that failing is not an option and sometimes happens I found the reason, is to make you stronger I would not take this second chance as granted. A lot of my colleagues in this class i found very motivators and it feels great knowing we have a class that we are learning in many different ways. Thank You professor.

Recipe to Balance Family,Work and School.

Now more moms than ever are working. Being a mom, employee and student is very stressful and can give you some type of guilt. Knowing you have to divide your time and attention. There are ways to help you cope with the situation.

  • Have a plan on mind and set goals. Get to know your priorities.
  • Organize your mornings the night before, pick clothing for kids and you, prepare the kids and your bags and think what is for breakfast in the morning.
  • Do not feel guilty, think of the positive response everything you doing one day it will pay off. For a better future for your family.
  • stay connected at all times with your kids and family. Sometimes leave nice notes so they know you are always there.
  • Limit distractions, have discipline and set time for emails, messages, phone calls and homework when kids are in bed.
  • Time with family is priceless, try to give them attention every second you can.
  • Most important of all “Me” time it is really important. It will give you a boost to clear and keep going.

Try this, it has help me so much on my every day life as a wife, mother, Medical Assistant and student. Since I put this steps on practice it has gave me wonderful results.

My top 10 Genres

This are some genres I encounter on my every day life: I refer media as

  • structuring
  • ordering
  • arraging
  • tagging
  • Listing
  • liking
  • searching
  • communication
  • Following
  • learning
  • Save memories

if we look around at our everyday lives ,we can see how much we depend  on technology. This are pretty much all the things I do everyday and for all of them I depend on my phone.


“Navigating Genres”

In this article by Kerry Dirk he writes about how genre is nothing more than a specific category,  each genre is specific to see which way you should go when writing. When it comes to write in social media, such as Facebook, as it mention on the article I keep in my who is my audience, who I’m a speaking to. I try to keep it short so is better to receive. For my mother it will be very difficult so write anything on Facebook,she doesn’t know how to navigate the web, so without help it will b very difficult. I will always keep in mind the kind of genre which I’m writing for, and keep in mind that if I’m clear and short sometimes people in social media understand better.

“Shitty First Drafts”

I begin my process with my first draft, since I need to start somewhere  I put anything that crosses my mind.  I have learn in this class to just use words  which are really some scribbled notes. I try to focus on the subject and genre  and just keep writing.

”Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. This is why I am not surprised about the tittle of this article. I learn to quite the voices on my head and write anything that I think of.




Laura Caroll and Nelson Graff analysis.

In this analysis both point out how we are continuously analyzing the people and environment around us. We do it every day without noticing it. Me personally like to study people before I engaged my self with them. One thing my grandma always told me was tell me who you walking around with and I tell you who I think you are, never forget that. This method allows us to do Better at making decisions about people situations and media. Nelson explains different ways to put ideas together for different types of audience, and how rhetorical outlines help your ideas to present to your audience.

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