Now more moms than ever are working. Being a mom, employee and student is very stressful and can give you some type of guilt. Knowing you have to divide your time and attention. There are ways to help you cope with the situation.

  • Have a plan on mind and set goals. Get to know your priorities.
  • Organize your mornings the night before, pick clothing for kids and you, prepare the kids and your bags and think what is for breakfast in the morning.
  • Do not feel guilty, think of the positive response everything you doing one day it will pay off. For a better future for your family.
  • stay connected at all times with your kids and family. Sometimes leave nice notes so they know you are always there.
  • Limit distractions, have discipline and set time for emails, messages, phone calls and homework when kids are in bed.
  • Time with family is priceless, try to give them attention every second you can.
  • Most important of all β€œMe” time it is really important. It will give you a boost to clear and keep going.

Try this, it has help me so much on my every day life as a wife, mother, Medical Assistant and student. Since I put this steps on practice it has gave me wonderful results.