Got to the subway between 8:45 and 9:00 pm.

My report is based on what I actually heard. With this exercise, I tried to capture as much sound as possible, instead of trying to analyze more of what the people is actually taking about.

A man singing – word-  I just don’t understand. People talking – Train whisking by, screeching wheels, door opening – Stand clear – Next Stop is: Bergen street.  Doors shot, screeching, siren- buzzer, snack bags rattling, Train approaching, Train slowing down, screeches- another train approaching -sounds.- A little further, train leaving  station. People talking -Feet Walking – shoes dragging of the ground. Train approaches screeches of the brakes – announcements.  Stand clear – door closes  – brakes  screeches-  Man talking with heavy voice – Curse words.. or profanity uses of words [*********]. Bottle cap open- profanity – music playing – people talking – coughing – radio playing music from a boom box – it sounds like Spanish music playing loudly from  a cell phone – People laughing – man sniffing – throat clearing.  Train conductor reporting – any police officer on the train please report to the  conductor.  Step in and stand for the closing doors please.  wheels scraping against the tracks- air conditioner blowing – Train passing- coughs – loud video playing from a C.D player.