1. Murray defined writing as a process using language to discover a meaning in experience and to communicate it, also he  defined writing as a rewriting process. Murray explained that today many writers are getting away with “one-word drafts” and how they are no longer revising and revising their work. He referred to the needed of the three processes (prevision, vision and revision) of writing.
  1. Discover: to write in order to understand as much as you be understood. Discover is like a vision discovery draft. By completing this vision of what may be said, the writer stakes out of a territory to explore. Murray states that exploration begins with a prevision, next is the vision and finally revision which is ourselves going over our work and editing or altering till we feel it is complete. Ignorance: what writers feel about what they write. They often feel embarrassed and think others will not like what they wrote about. 
  1. Process is when writers used their best capabilities to generate ideas for done their first draft of writing. Product is when writers using what they have done on their process and work on it to product a pure writing or as a final draft. 
  1. Internal Revision is to review all work that a writer have done on first draft and figure out or edit ideas or. External Revision is when a writer proofreading his writing and read it as audience in order to understand how the ideas will be shown to the audiences when they read.
  1. Murray means by the “content”, “form and structure”, “language” is that any writer has to have a meaning, or goal for his/her writing to deliver it to the audience in a complete and understood format.