Soccer Benefits vs Disadvantages


Before creating my research, I felt that it’s important to open up further discussion and analysis of soccer world. Some people they do not know about soccer in terms of its advantages and disadvantages. I felt that it will be helpful to know why this kind of sport is the most popular in world.

I started to discuss about the benefits of soccer and classified them to three majors benefits. Those three majors benefits are, health and wealth benefits, soccer benefits to the audience and benefits of soccer to society. By mentioning those benefits, it will help those people who have a lack of knowledge about soccer, to know why so many people in different countries have this sport and even consider as a part of their culture.

Subsequently I discussed about the disadvantages of soccer. Those disadvantages were about players, audience and society. Just like the advantages of soccer it is important to know about its disadvantages. By knowing that, it will clarify the reasons about why so many people do not interest in soccer.

Due to the importance of this of this sport ( soccer ), I liked to discussed and clarified it to others who do not know soccer. I also wanted to grab their attention to this sport or even enjoy watching or playing it.

In this research paper I used several sources to support my knowledge and my discussion. They were helpful for this discussion because in each one them, there is a lot of information and studies that determined either the benefits or the negatives of soccer.

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