Name 10 genres you encounter in your everyday life?

  1.  Comics.
  2. Fantasy.
  3. Biography.
  4. Journalism.
  5. Narrative.
  6. Textbook.
  7. Articles.
  8.  Reviews.
  9. Texting.
  10. Emails.

Name one or two that you like best and say why. Who is their audience?

I like many genres, but my favorite are Narrative and Biography genres. Narrative genre is information about incident given in a story. As a reader this kind of genre is positively affective to me when I deal with it because telling a story that attracts my attention and simple to keep information in my mind. As a writer, it gives me more ways and space to write and feed the reader. Narrative’s audience are people who prefer stories and significant events. Biography is a narrative of a person’s life. As a writer and reader, I like this genre because It describes a person’s life in detail, which can help and show what the reader may do not know or has never experience. Also knowing about someone life, could inspire the reader a lot. Biography’s audience are people who need inspiration, instructions of things in their life and whom want to learn from others. Both Narrative and Biography genres are presented in a format or language that tells a story.

What is your understanding of the term “genre”?

I understand that genre is a tool every writer must use it before start writing. Genre is also a tool to distinguish type of writing and determine the audience of that writing.