1. Shoes.
  2. Uniform (shirts, shorts and socks).
  3. Soccer ball.
  4. Place/Field.
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Warming up.
  7. Two cards (yellow and red).


  1. Playing as two teams against each other.
  2. Playing in two 45 minute halves.
  3. Kick Off: To start the game or the second half, and after each goal, a kick off is taken from the center circle.
  4.  Score goals as much as you can to win the game.

Skills needed:

  1. Passing.
  2. Dribbling.
  3. Controlling.
  4. Heading.


  • Do not play roughly.
  • Avoid touching the ball with hands (except the Goalkeeper).
  • Avoid getting a Yellow or Red Card.


  • Builds fitness.
  • Builds strength and flexibility.
  • Increases muscle and bone strength.
  • Improved health.
  • Increases aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • Win trophys.