Facebook is a huge asset in our world today. It can be used to play games, interact with family, friends, and even express your feelings for your friends to see. I personally don’t use Facebook to post about how I feel or even post at all. The reason behind that is because Facebook public. Anything that you post can be seen by anyone. It can’t be trusted, you don’t know what type of people can be creeping around looking at your information or what type of information you post. Also Facebook can cause a lot of trouble to teenagers. Believe it or not Facebook is actually a huge part of the chaos teens go through today. There are a lot of cyber bullies that say and do things that can actually hurt someone to the point where they might want to hurt themselves or the cyber bully. Older people like my parents don’t really have to worry about posting on Facebook. The reason is because unlike most teens, older people worry about who’s adding them on Facebook. Older people only add people that they know, but the youth usually adds anyone just so they can have more friends and more likes. Also older people know not to post their life in social media. In comparison, teenagers have the tendency to post pictures or statuses that are not appropriate for social media. The genre I struggle the most with has to be poetry. I have a problem with no being able to connect the right words when writing a poem.