When I have to write down an essay or research paper I usually have at least two drafts. My first draft consist of  writing whatever comes to mind at the moment. My second draft I make sure to spot out every mistake i made while writing the paper . When I first read the title to the chapter I was astounded because authors usually don’t have the fortitude to post such foul language in their books especially as the title. After reading the chapter “ Shitty first draft’ I learned that it’s best you use the method the  author spoke upon. By writing the downdraft your creating a surface for your paper. For the updraft you have looking over the previous paper and search for sentences that you could reword differently to make it sound more appropriate. Finally comes the dental draft, which is finding every mistake made on the paper like punctuations, capitalization, and etc. These three steps will improve all writers exponentially. It will help writers like myself notice the mistakes they made and learn from them. From now on I will make sure i review all the work that I write at least three times to make sure there’s no error.