How I feel writing on Facebook; I write on it every day. Mainly because it became a platform that is very easy to talk on. You can post absolutely anything on there, and you wont have to worry that there will be something wrong with the post. It wouldn’t be the case if it was my grandmother. Not even as old as my grandmother, maybe someone just a little younger like a couple of my professors, they don’t even know anything about Facebook let alone to use it. So Facebook definently has a age group it targets.“‘I Am Under 18’ Button Clicked For First Time In History
Of Internet” was the most interesting topic mainly because no one expected this to ever be a thing. Someone hit the button…whether or not you are 18 you can always you are and the website has to believe you. There is no way the internet would know how old you are. So for someone to click the button to say no is really surprising. One rule that I always had was to never use a I in a sentence, mainly because that rule has been ingrained in me from I was young. And with this rule I have struggled the most with essays as my genre. They are just so long and energy-draining. I would rather do a poem, because it is hard but concise.