A How to entry on how to shoot a basketball.
Hello if your struggling to shoot a basketball and looking for some ways to improve your shot you have came to the right place. I will tell you 7 easy steps that will help you shoot a basketball.
Step 1: First you must have a basketball and a basketball hoop

Step 2: you must decide on what’s your dominant shooting hand.

Step 3: you have to put one of your foot in front of the other. If your dominant shooting hand is the right hand then your right foot should be the foot that’s infront

Step 4: Make sure that your feet is spread apart evenly. Preferably at least 7-8 inches

Step 5: you want to put the basketball on your dominant shooting hand, use your other hand to help you hold and guide the basketball while you shoot

step 6: as you just the basketball make sure before you jump you bend your knees slightly. ( adds more power to your shot)

Step 7: aim your elbow at the rim. Once you got the aim you want you follow through and release the ball within your finger tips.