Typically, I create one original “shitty first draft” and develop it after thoroughly reading it and having others critique it. I definitely start off with a “down draft” jotting off any thought that comes to mind as I write the draft. Subsequently, I transition to an “up draft” and edit it for grammar, spelling and proper word usage. Although I do technically make a “dental draft”, I feel like I should further elaborate on that section due to the fact that I normally only edit once and skim through again after but not enough to claim it as a 3rd draft.  I was not surprised by title of Lamott’s chapter because I feel as though it is common knowledge that every good writer must make a shitty first draft in order to develop their writings into a ‘perfect’ final draft. This reading most definitely influenced the way I write because it gave fruition to the thought that I can still further develop my writings in order to achieve a new level of literary skills.