My day started off fairly early today. I started my day off by driving to blink, a gym in Canarsie, around 5:45 am. After working out, I drove back home and made eggs with mushrooms and spinach. After eating breakfast, I got ready to head to work. I was running late today due to the fact that my time management skills need improvement. I took an Uber to catch my usual train, which was delayed. I should’ve expected this predicament to occur, especially since I left my house at 9 am to get to work for 9:45. After getting off a delayed L train, I rushed through Broadway junction to pursue a congested A train. Finally, after a grueling 30 minutes of standing in an overcrowded train cart, I reached my job on Fulton Street around 9:55 am. At my job, it was delivery day today so a lot of packages came, my coworker and I brought boxes back and forth. After 2 pm I clocked out from work and went to hang out with my friends until 4 pm, which is when my first class for the day started off. I mistakenly greeted my professor in my prior class thinking she was a friend of mine. We joked around in class and introduced ourselves, in which I found out she was Grenadian just like me.