After work, I felt tired and just want to go home. When I got to the subway station and I saw the waiting time is about 15 minutes. I was so impatience. And I heard the broadcast made an announcement about traffic and the train will make local stops. People start whispering and I heard a person who stands next to me said “damn, always, always, always have problems!” Yea, I agreed with him. But I still have to wait 15 minutes.

When I was on the train, there was so quiet and nobody talking. I can only hear the sound of the train while it moving. When it was 36th St station, two young students got on the train and stand in front of me. One of them said, “Did you know the new movie Captain Marvell? My sister told me that’s really good!” Another one answer”Really? I love the Avengers movie, let’s go when you are free. Maybe this weekend?” Their conversation made me inquisitive. I like the Avengers movie too. Now I really want to watch this new movie.