Daniel Pelaez Guevara

Prof. Shmerler

English 1121

Final English

Dear professor,

I have never liked writing or been good at putting my words on paper. Growing up English has been my least favorite subject for multiple reasons, such as the need to constantly check your writing and grammar for any mistakes. I also tended to hate how teachers would leave remarks on work that I did despite knowing that I was a just a child. In high school I had an easier time writing because we would be handed templates on how to write an essay and it was always the same kind of essay, argumentative. This ended up hurting me because it was the only style of writing that I had become familiar with in 4 years.

Unit1 brought back memories on the last semester about English 1. The unit made me think about how I write sentences again and caught my attention from the start like last semester. It caused me to think outside the box on how wording and the use of different vocabulary can make a piece of writing so much more interesting. I feel like starting a unit with this would catch the attention of all new students. Unit 2made me think about what kind of things I’m willing to write about. This was an interesting topic to start on early in the year. It caused other students to open up about more personal topics. It could have made people feel more vulnerable to the judgement of their peers. I was one of these people, I was afraid to write down personal things. It’s just my character to not share to much personal things. If I did the cure, I would have written how I can tackle my fears head on. The next unit made me think about whether or not what I write down should matter wo anyone else. What I write down in final and can no longer be changed by anyone else. The recipe part of the semester was one of my favorites because it allowed me to think about one of the things that makes me happy as an individual. The research proposal also pushed me because it made me think on the problem that society has with video games and tackle it head on. I enjoyed the semester and hopefully I can get a new job that does make me work overnight, so I can focus better in class.

Sincerely, Daniel Pelaez Guevara


The thing I remember about this unit was that we were pushed to try to write and think about grammar differently from how we were taught in our previous classes. The exercises that really stuck with me was the one where we had to write without certain words, letters and start writing down what we heard on our travels. The exercise where we wrote without certain words really pushed me to discover and use new vocabulary to take the place of the missing words or even restructure the sentence in order to have proper grammar. The exercise with without using certain letters was even trickier due to not being able to use a large amount of my basic vocabulary.


Fear and the Cure

 Fear: My fear will have to be ending up alone because of either my personality or just being unlucky. I tend to only be around certain people because I tend to be more serious in nature and that causes people to not want to be with me. Isolation is a cruel teacher to learn from and it hardens the hearts but weakens the mind. I grew up with a single mom and when she got remarried to my first stepdad life didn’t get better for me and I had my first taste of isolation, being kept in my room as much as possible. This constant loneliness caused me to develop a very awkward personality and trouble socialization. Over time, I hope i can fix this and be someone people love to be around.

Cure: Try to be more social and learn to find people who I fit in with.    

This unit pushed students to be more open to the minds so to say of their fellow students. I couldn’t write about my fears because I’m a very private man when it comes to my feelings. I tend to not like people sticking their two cents in my personal life that I keep private. When I share my feeling, people tend to give me their opinion and it irritates me. The cure assignment, if I had written it, would have made me think about how I perceive my problems as an individual.



Gaming recipe

  • My custom-built gaming computer
  • A mouse of 10,000 dpi and low latency
  • A keyboard with cherry mc red for faster actuation times
  • A relaxing chair for long sessions
  • A good quality headset to drown out my surrounding
  • Dim lighting to enjoy the beautiful images
  • Blue light filtering glasses (need to take care of my eyes more)
  • snacks
  • Me

The only rule you must follow is sit back and have fun playing video games.

The third unit was more fun for me. It made me write about thing that make me happy. I enjoyed thinking about what I need to have in order to have a good time playing games. Video games have really shaped me as an individual. They kept me out of trouble and kept my mind occupied as I grew up in my very large household. I went to video games as an escape from the stresses of life in general. They help me keep calm and forget my struggles from day to day life.




Dear Daniel,                                                                                                          4/29/19

We are sorry to inform you that you are hereby being removed from Synergy Teams main team due to inactivity in the game. As stated on our page, we are looking for players who enjoy gaming and are consistently online. We strive to have a team where people can play and develop with one and other.  In our records you have participated in only 3 out of the previous 10 matches we had against competing teams. This lack of involvement has caused concern among the senior players in the clan. Due to your record in competitive matches we are placing you in the reserve team instead of removing you from the clan all together. As one of our experienced players, your job in the reserve team is to help train and guide our newer members through the basics of the game. These will include leading them through random matches, raids and basic strikes. Let us all continue to help one and other and rise through the ranks.


Clan Founder and Leader Shawn

This assignment made me think about what how differently people write when they are trying to conform to the standards of a certain genre. This also made me think about how a person way of speaking can be altered based on what they’re writing and who their audience is. Making this writing piece was fun because it caused me to put myself in the shoes of someone in a higher position and think about how they would speak to someone that they are removing from their team. Removing someone from your team or staff can always be tricky because you don’t know how they will respond or how they will act on this change.


Research Proposal

Daniel Pelaez Guevara

May 26, 2019

Prof. Schmerler

English 1121

                                                            Research Proposal

            Since the creation of video games, people have lashed out against their creation and their inference on society. Parents, and now even politicians, are throwing video games under the bus. They claim that video games are causing their children to develop into nonfunctioning people in society. They originally claimed that people who spend all day playing video game end up living with their parents and are “bums”. They are now claiming that video games are now bad for the development of children and that violent video games lead to people committing violent crimes such as mass shooting. In this proposal, I would like to see if people who play video games can enjoy games and still be develop into a proper citizen in modern society.

            In the news, mass shootings are usually blamed on two things, mental depression and video games. In the news article from The Irish Times, written by Deidre Falvey, it states, “Research conducted this year at York University, using a large sample, backs other studies showing no direct link between games and violent behavior.” The article covered the Florida shooting at a local Gaming Bar that was holding a competition. This research showing that video games and violence don’t go hand in hand. When it comes to being a working member of society people assume that gamers can’t make a living and should just get a “real job. Gamers now can make millions just off playing video games. A gamer who made it big is known as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He is one of the best players in a game known as “Fortnite” and has made it big from streaming his time in the game. According to ESPN, “And finally, like street busking, there are donations. (The largest donation Blevins can remember receiving is $40,000.) Off subscriptions alone, Blevins makes an estimated $300,000 a month. That’s not factoring in his sponsorships, which include Samsung, Red Bull and Uber Eats, or the revenue from YouTube, Instagram and other sites.” He makes more money from playing video games in 1 month than most Americans make in one year. This shows that in society, gamers can contribute and not live in their parent’s basement.





http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/24710688/fortnite-legend-ninja-living-stream .E. Ten. Accessed on 5/13/19

https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/florida-shooting-could-videogames-be-to-blame-1.3609347. D. Falvery. Accessed on 5/13/19

The research proposal made me really go into detail about what society views games and the people who play them as. Growing up video games have made me into the person I am today. They helped my get through the rough times as a child. Society now sees them as a threat and the reason the horrendous crimes such as school shooting. This unit made me really think about something I like in a different perspective.

Unit 4 was the most fun for me because I got to talk about one of my favorite pass times. Being able to  record a video of me playing was a rush too because I wanted to perform better knowing that I could be judged on my skills. This semester really tried me because working overnight is really stressing on the mind and body, having to deal with drunk people for 10 hours, from 6pm to 4 am, then go to school with no sleep from 830 am to 830 pm. I tired to keep up but we’ll see what my grade is.

Heres my video:  https://youtu.be/G5W5RRJ0q90