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research Proposal

Daniel Pelaez Guevara

May 26, 2019

Prof. Schmerler

English 1121

Research Proposal

Since the creation of video games, people have lashed out against their creation and their inference on society. Parents, and now even politicians, are throwing video games under the bus. They claim that video games are causing their children to develop into nonfunctioning people in society. They originally claimed that people who spend all day playing video game end up living with their parents and are “bums”. They are now claiming that video games are now bad for the development of children and that violent video games lead to people committing violent crimes such as mass shooting. In this proposal, I would like to see if people who play video games can enjoy games and still be develop into a proper citizen in modern society.

In the news, mass shootings are usually blamed on two things, mental depression and video games. In the news article from The Irish Times, written by Deidre Falvey, it states, “Research conducted this year at York University, using a large sample, backs other studies showing no direct link between games and violent behavior.” The article covered the Florida shooting at a local Gaming Bar that was holding a competition. This research showing that video games and violence don’t go hand in hand. When it comes to being a working member of society people assume that gamers can’t make a living and should just get a “real job. Gamers now can make millions just off playing video games. A gamer who made it big is known as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He is one of the best players in a game known as “Fortnite” and has made it big from streaming his time in the game. According to ESPN, “And finally, like street busking, there are donations. (The largest donation Blevins can remember receiving is $40,000.) Off subscriptions alone, Blevins makes an estimated $300,000 a month. That’s not factoring in his sponsorships, which include Samsung, Red Bull and Uber Eats, or the revenue from YouTube, Instagram and other sites.” He makes more money from playing video games in 1 month than most Americans make in one year. This shows that in society, gamers can contribute and not live in their parent’s basement.



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Fears and cure

Fear: My fear will have to be ending up alone because of either my personality or just being unlucky. I tend to only be around certain people because I tend to be more serious in nature and that causes people to not want to be with me. Isolation is a cruel teacher to learn from and it hardens the hearts but weakens the mind. I grew up with a single mom and when she got remarried to my first stepdad life didn’t get better for me and I had my first taste of isolation, being kept in my room as much as possible. This constant loneliness caused me to develop a very awkward personality and trouble socialization. Over time, I hope i can fix this and be someone people love to be around.

Cure: Try to be more social and learn to find people who I fit in with.

my journey

Faisal Rahman

ENG 1121- E106

                                                                        My Journey

I have always had to adapt to new surroundings. When I was only five years old, my family moved from our hometown to the capital, Dhaka, of Bangladesh. Until then I have never been out of my hometown of Patuakhali. The capital was nothing like I had ever experienced before. The roads bustling with people, dazzling with night lights and polluted with dust particles were very new to me. I was partially scared but also a little excited.

Before long I found myself sitting for an admission test to get admitted in kindergarten. I was completely mortified during the test. The questions looked alien to what my mom had taught me, and the examiners were rude and ignored when I called for their help. I was a victim of discrimination because of my dialect and not “city-like attitude”. I took the test again next year and passed. But in the classroom, things got bad for me again. I would find people giving me looks and avoiding me.I wanted to make friends and play with them. When I managed to accumulate some courage and approached some kids, I realized the extent of their loathe for me; I was pushed around, and one kid strangled me on top of a bench. Mind you this was happening in presence of a teacher who was sitting in her desk acting like she noticed nothing. I became obsessed with blending in and not be frowned upon. Within a relatively short period of time I got rid of my dialect and regional accent. Fast forward quite a few years, I was a student in the same school studying in grade 10. But now I had friends. Within a year I would get a call from the US embassy, and only a month after that I would find myself in a drastically new setting in New York City. It was like moving to Dhaka all over again. People were different- some very rude but some extremely nice-  infrastructure were different, and so was the climate; It was way too cold for my liking. That was three years from now. I went through the process of acclimation again and am still working on my speaking skills to sound like the people around me. I want to be able to speak fluently and coherently to get my thoughts and opinions across. It has not been easy. But neither was getting the respect of the bullies.

Destiny keeps bringing me to new challenges again and again. New Challenges are not always very pleasant, but my curiosity pushes me to explore and overcome them. Such has been a challenge this year when I walked into the English-1121 class on the first day of spring semester. I was not expecting what the professor uttered- “this is a pilot class where we will be testing a new curriculum”. A part of me wanted to walk out of the class, the curious part wanted to see through the new program. And I’m glad I stayed.

This class has to be one of the most challenging classes I took in college so far. English has never been my strongest subject. All the English classes I have had till I took this class were the same. We would have to write three essays following the same format year after year. Only the length of the essays got bigger as we progressed through our school years. But in this class we were given freedom, no I’m not talking about the first essay. The freedom essay was like the symbolism for the new curriculum. Since, it allowed us to think beyond any limits and write from our heart. Because of the unrestricted requirements, we could do our internal revision and be our own audience. Initially we did not have to write for Prof. Schmerler. We wrote what WE wanted to say to our audience and edited keeping Professor in mind during our external revision. My views on English, as a subject, have changed in this class and I feel like I am not so bad in English like the previous courses made me think. I just needed some wiggle room and let my brain free to do what it is supposed to do- which is to think.

freedom_final draft

The delusion of freedom

What is freedom? Are there any set amount of rules that define it? But won’t having definite rules be against the very essence of “freedom”? These questions stormed through mind the last few days, as I set out on a quest to write a unique paper on a topic that is not so unique.

What I came to terms with is that freedom is subjective. There should not be any fixed rules to define it. Your freedom is customized to your liking and whatever sets your free .

I would argue that we do not live in a free society. According to dictionary.com, “Freedom is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without any hinderance or restraint”. That means, to be a truly free world, there can be no rules or laws. Do I have your attention yet? Yes, I mean exactly what I say. In a free society there can be no restrictions that prohibits certain actions. If society had true freedom, people would not be judged or prosecuted.

We are groomed from a very early age. Our parents, the society and government all want us to act in certain ways. The government even goes as far as regulating our body. In this physical world we have no choice but to follow societal rules, if we want to live in society. That to me is anything but “freedom”. I’m not against rules and laws,some laws are crucial for societies to function. But regardless of detrimental or beneficial rules/laws, freedom ends where restriction begins.

If physical freedom is a lie and impractical then maybe true freedom lies in the mind? After all, the mind is where you are away from the vulturous eyes of society. Here you can dream without being laughed at. Here you can live the life that you always wanted. I feel free and at peace when I give my mind the access to the unknown. I get to live many lives by reading books. I get to walk in many people’s shoes and experience what they experienced. When I read books, I feel like transcending both space and time. Sometimes I find myself walking beside Hamlet as he mourns for his dead father or standing in the crowd watching a passionate Martin Luther king as he delivered his famous “I have a dream speech”.

And The beauty of learning is that there are infinite things to know about. You could live your life several times over and still not learn a fraction of the vast amount of things that resides within the universe, or multiverse!  The world at times does seem like a prison when I think about it this way. An ever-growing living prison that expands as we progress. My mind which is like an endless pit- a voracious blackhole- keeps asking for more and more. My restless mind wants to know about everything that it finds interesting. But I’m a human being after all. Just like the barrier of light speed is absolute and can’t be surpassed, knowledge is infinite and humans can’t learn about everything that’s out there.



inquiry_final draft

Student Name: Faisal Rahman

Course and Section Number: ENG-1121, E-106

Date: 05/24/19


UNIT 3             Worksheet 2          brainstorming your Research Proposal

I feel that it is important to discuss about the lack of American interest for the global sport of soccer. Soccer is the most famous sport in the world, with an estimated fan base of 3.5 billion people. But in the U.S, soccer ranks at 7 as the most favorite sport.

This discussion will bring light to the reason why so many people around the world are so fond of soccer. It will reveal to the everyday American what they are missing and how they should approach the game of soccer to enjoy the true beauty of the game. It would help us to reconnect to the world and have good relationships with other countries. It would teach the people of U.S unity and benefit of teamwork. And I think all of us can agree on the fact the unity is something that this country lacks a lot.

There is a reason that almost half of the population of the world are fans of what they call the “beautiful game”. The simplicity of soccer is one of the main reasons for its popularity. All you need is a soccer ball and you are good to go. You can use sticks or even your back packs to set up the goal posts. Because of this anyone can afford it. But simplicity is not the only reason for its popularity. The games are non-stop 90 minutes of jam-packed of actions, strategies, passion and perseverance. But despite that majority Americans think that the sport is boring. And their patience, or lack thereof is to blame.  The American argument that it is a boring game is false. They think soccer is boring because of the few goals that are scored in a game. But in reality, there are always something that is going on in the field. If you blink you may miss a lightning slide tackle or a thunderstruck shot at goal. Other than the strategical buildup in the midfield, shot saving from the goal keepers, running through the wings are all exciting things in a soccer game. Soccer is like a chess game where the pieces are highly mobile and less restricted to move. Like in chess, there are key players whose general position are in strategic positions from where a fast attack can be launched. Those positions, which are typically in the midfield region are also good for transitioning to defense.

Since soccer is a team game and to play or understand the game you need to have or at least develop of team player mentality. People in the states are ditching the idea of teamwork. They mostly care about themselves and don’t like to help others. If this keeps up, we won’t be able to function as a society. Soccer can teach us to care about one another again through the spirit of teamwork.

Soccer is like the language of the world. since, so many people know and are passionate about soccer, it is the ice breaker, the conversation starter and the friend maker. This is the expression that billions of people, around the globe, use as a medium to connect to one another. We are being left out. We are being isolated from the rest of the world. There are many other things to blame for the slow isolation, but rejecting the ambassador of the world is a very critical one.




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