Recipe how to draw or paint.


Basic knowledge of geometry, anatomy, color relations, mixing techniques, proportions, depth, volume, composition, light and shadow, balance, etc


Good quality paper, paints or pencils, brushes


Quiet and well lighted place



Sit down and place in front of you the paper.


If you drawing or painting “from nature/life” then look at the object or subject and try to understand how will you bring it to your paper

Try to feel the forms and proportions

Try to paint or draw according to your own vision and style, if you don’t have one yet, try to develop it, to create it.

Every few minutes squint and stand up and look at your paper from a distance to see the whole picture and search for mistakes or disproportions.

Try not to “over-do” your art piece, know when to stop. There is no perfection.

Give it as a present to your parents or beloved ones and walk around proud as hell that you are such an Artist.