Maria Partsevsky


Prof. Schmerler



The analysis of the genre (Yelp review)


Who wrote it/the speaker: people who tried this activity and share their experience so that other people will follow their advices or could be aware of what might happen, what to expect.


The audience: people who are looking for activities and how to spend their free time involved art and something for memories made by your hands.


The kind of community that is invested in or impacted by this writing: mostly parents with kids, the reason is to show them something new to do, spend time with them in different environment, plus to introduce kids to a new stage of art activity to become more creative and to feel what it is like to make something with your own hands.


The purpose of this writing: the ability to be in someone’s shoes, to read about pros and cons of this particular activity, to decide where to go better


Some key vocabulary or language terms you might find (if any) that are common in this form of writing: Metaphors; lots of exclamation marks!!!!; CAPITALIZED LETTERS AND WORDS; numbers in usage of prices and time; LOL; smiley faces J


The sorts of ways that people try to write effectively in this genre: they try to write as many reviews as possible to become reliable and trustworthy person, that others would see the marks like “local expert” or “elite” next to the people’s names. People try to organize their reviews into paragraphs for easy reading. They include personal pictures. They write about their feelings and emotions to become closer to a reader.